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  1. If you are on benefits and getting a Severe Disability Premium you will lose it if someone claims Carers Allowance for looking after you.
  2. If she works 16 hours or more per week she may be entitled to Working Tax Credit. She may also qualify for Child Tax Credit. I presume the Child Benefit is in her name? Also your friend should pay maintenance for his son. This is a good website http://www.entitledto.co.uk/
  3. I would recommend doing a pedicab tour of Central Park. A little bit pricey but so worth it as you get to say a lot more than you could walking around. If it's your first visit then I think Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island is a must. Both Empire State Building and Rockafella have great views. Personally, I wouldn't stay in Times Square. It's busy and a bit scruffy. Ok to walk through though. Take really comfortable shoes!
  4. Hi. You can do Permitted Work if you are in Support or Work Related Activity Group. It doesn't have to be 'therapeutic'. You need to ring Benefit Centre and ask for a Permitted Work form.
  5. Hi. There ARE two groups for ESA. Support Group and Work Related Activity Group. However you can be on contribution based or income related benefit in either group. As others have said, you need to get independent advise. Have you looked into Pension Credit too?
  6. If you give up a job for no good reason then you may not qualify for JSA. However, if you do qualify and it is contribution based then it doesn't matter how much you have in savings. Your savings would only be taken into account if ifpt was income based jsa. If you deliberately spend your savings to get rid of the money this is called deprivation of income. It could be deemed thAt you still have the money. If you are leaving work due to ill health then you could claim Employment and Support Allowance. You will need sicknte from your Doctor. It will be irrelevant why you gave up work.
  7. We've stayed at both Premier Inns and both are good. We then drive two minutes to Jet Parks. We got a good deal with Holiday Extras this time that included parking at Jet Parks.
  8. Lovely thing to do. I've sponsored her and shared on my Facebook.
  9. We stayed here in April and it is lovely. There were some lovely places to eat and drink and a co-op within walking distance http://www.sea2skye.co.uk/
  10. We watched it at the crossroads at Grenoside. Does anyone know how the dog is that was hit by the car?
  11. We first visited Scotland three years ago and are hooked! We stayed in Campeltown on The Mull of Kintyre. We stayed in a Premier Inn at Dumbarton on the way up to break up the journey. Visited loch lomand which was lovely too. Second time we stayed in Whitehills in Aberdeenshire. Again, lovely scenery and plenty of distilleries to visit. This year we went to the isle of Skye. Long jouney but worth it. Stayed overnight in Stirling on the way up.
  12. I bought my mother in law a day class on Infirmary Road..guess it's the one already mentioned. Found a great deal on Groupon. She loved the class and the jewellery she made was beautiful.
  13. You would normally be awarded the SDP if nobody claims Carers Allowance for looking after you. Having said that, if your Mum doesn't work and she cares for you then she could look at claiming Carers Allowance. There's a good website called entitledto that you might want to look at. For the best advice speak to Welfare Rights or Citizens Advice..
  14. Hi. I'm looking for a spa day around Birmingham or Stratford upon Avon. I've looked on various websites but can only find spa hotels. Ideally I'd like somewhere similar to Champneys or Ragdale Hall. Any advice gratefully received! Thanks
  15. http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/childbenefit/start/who-qualifies/child-in-care.htm#2
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