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  1. I've set up a great html email signature in Outlook 2003 using an html editor and it looks great in Outlook and BTYahoo, but in Hotmail it is shown with double line spacing. This seems to be a common problem, but so far I can't find a solution. Don't tell me to insert </br> between lines to prevent this as I have and it doesn't... Cheers!
  2. Thanks, but last time it was something very, very simple - but can't remember what it was! Just a case of ticking or unticking a box, or even just retyping in the password (though I've tried that and it keeps reverting back to the original password...). Nothing involving MAC address, etc... but thanks...
  3. Help! This problem appeared from out of the blue a while ago. I've got a PC wired to a Bt home hub and also have a wireless laptop. For no reason out of the blue, suddenly the laptop's saying it has 'limited connectivity' to the home hub so I can't connect to the Net with it. Last time, despite BT telling me it was the laptop that was at fault and at great expense I'd have to send it back to be fixed (thank goodness I didn't listen to them!!!!), I messed around with it, ticked a box or something and hey presto it worked. Now, this was a few months ago and I'm darned if I can remember what I did last time! Any clues? I know it was something incredibly simple! PS it probably happened as a result of an automatic Bt home hub update. Help!!!!!
  4. I already use Firefox but strangely had never heard of Thunderbird until today. Can you download it and install it just like Outlook? Can you transfer all your Outlook folders and messages into it easily? Thanks!
  5. A windows update, no doubt, but that doesn't solve the problem! Help!
  6. Suddenly and without warning after years of using Outlook 2003 the dreaded Win Dat attachment has started appearing on my outgoing emails (I know because I've sent them to myself and checked them on my Yahoo online email client - and hey presto, there's the Win Dat attachment. Strangely, it doesn't happen with my MSN email client... I need to send html emails because I'm a business - plain text (which doesn't show the win dat attachment) is no good. If I format in rich text, emails have win dat attachments too, so at the moment I'm having to put up with plain text because I can't risk clients opening up in Yahoo and wondering what I'm sending them (i.e. a virus???) Why's it suddenly started doing it and how can I stop it??!!
  7. After the spammers got hold of my simple php contact form, I put a captcha box on all the contact forms on my 4 websites. Everything worked fine for 2 or 3 weeks until this week when 3 of the forms (hosted with a different host than the other form / site) stopped working - error message came up saying there was a socket problem. So I've had to temporarily remove the forms and just use an email contact which isn't brill when it's a biz website... Any clues why this has suddenly started happening? Asking my host is useless as they NEVER reply to tickets. Wonder if I should move the 3 sites to the other host where things seem to be working OK. Could it be that the working Ok host isn't secure FTP whereas the not working OK host IS secure FTP? Why has it suddenly stopped working? Worse, one of the websites has completely disappeared!!! Please don't give me a mega techie answer as I'm only Ok with basic php (got someone on elance to do the captcha stuff).
  8. My current hosts aren't terribly reliable but they are pretty cheap. Anyone recommend a cheap but reliable website hosting company? Cheers! Evaxx
  9. Thanks for your reply, Maggi, I was following this online tutorial which is why I did it as a bg image, but will follow your suggestions. http://www.bigbaer.com/css_tutorials/css.image.text.wrap.htm
  10. I've got some text wrapping around a background image (text on the left, background image on the right). The text is DISPLAY INLINE so it wraps around the image and I've used those (floated) 'sandbag' divs to nudge the text off the image (to the right of the text) and so the text fits snugly around it, like you get in fluid printed design. So far so good. I've given my text a padding of 10 pixels left column, but instead of padding the whole paragraph (and subsequent paragraphs) as you'd expect it to, it's just indenting the first line by 10 pixels - the rest of the para and the following paras are flush with the left hand column. Padding works OK when the text isn't INLINE, it seems, but as soon as I do it like above, I have this problem. Been trying to fix it all afternoon and it's driving me nuts! I've tried everything, even removing all the padding from the main <p> for the central content and inserting divs for the main text with their own padding, but it still does it!! This is my draft web page (see "Interested in joining us" section for the problem area): http://www.friendsofwoodhousegrove.co.uk/friendsnew/about.htm Any solutions?
  11. I've used up the max 50 filters, etc etc etc but still get up to 50 spams a day through my BT Yahoo email box and it drives me mad. I have a msn email box too which seems to filter out spam reasonably well, but amazed at how badly the yahoo spam filter seems to work. Is it just me?
  12. Well here I am, calculator in hand, adding up all my borders, margins, box widths and padding to make sure it all fits OK, then removing a pixel from here, having to add it onto there to keep the total correct.... Then I'm trying to work out where one wrapper ends with </div> after </div> trying to work out which belongs to which bit of code... AND having to do the whole thing in code view really. But it's a challenge and I am determined to beat it... I am still not convinced that it makes things easier because it definitely hasn't for me
  13. I've got Dreamweaver but the powers that be tell me that DW's layers, etc shouldn't really be used (even though I find them brilliant for flexible, quick web design and can position things accurately with pixels and CSS rules) but no, apparently you should do it the proper way with measured out divs that require masses of mathematical calculations and forget about DW layers altogether. Anyway, I've been doing this indepth and it's driving me crazy. It works, yes, but what I want to know is WHAT IS THE POINT? Table-style web design is soooooooooo much easier!!! And I really don't see why I can't use DW layers (even though the strict web compliance people don't like them). But if layers work, why not use them? What is the point of doing all this ultra-techie maths and coding when, in my mind, you don't have to. Can anyone explain to me what the point of all this coding way of doing things is?
  14. Can anyone fix this bug for me? Is there some code I can insert? Images etc are fine but text takes up more space inside the divs / layers in IE6 when compared with Firefox, so in IE6 the text fits inside the border perfectly but in FF we're left with a massive white space gap at the bottom of the text. OR if I design for FF, text overflows in IE6. Is there some code that synchronises the text across all browsers?
  15. PS Ann, we've got all the security set up. We know for a fact that the people next door haven't because whenever we check our own security, their network comes up!!!
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