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  1. so decided to go with pay zone as i needed topup facility with card machine its only £10 pm with them and 20p per card transactions any amount. so its all good. tried izettle and its very good aswel. thanks for suggestions
  2. Hi. Thinking of having my shop shutter done. Does anyone know any graffiti artist? Thanks
  3. hi, I got a shop in Hillsborough square, today when I came and saw like 10 black bin bags outside my shop. help what do I do? any council number I can call and report this? Thanks lol ju saw I, fly* can you please correct it. thanks
  4. Can anyone help me out? I own a small business which accepts cash only but i am thinking about having one of those credit card machines but there is a fee, daily charge and more if your customers uses it !!! Does anyone know which one is the cheepest to go for? as money is tight what with just starting out.....
  5. Hi All so parked my car in a farmfood car park in Hillsborough and got a £85 fine today was 12 min late... have to pay within 28 days. Question is what happens if you dont pay Since its private Thanks
  6. hi All, so last week we opened a phone repair, accessories, unlocking and e-cig shop on middlewood road at front of Hillsborough exchange. so its time to fill the shop up with stock just want to know what kind of e-liquids flavors are popular. at the moment raspberry, blueberry etc are going fast. should i keep anything else in shop other then these? thanks
  7. lol they happy with it.. but i will learn from it by making these changes etc.
  8. its fine on my laptop. and i will insert some text but dont no what to write lol. inserted counter 2 days ago to check howmuch traffic im getting thats why its at the bottom of the page will remove it soon, will change ths font size and pictures hopefully today. thanks for your feedback..
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