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  1. Did i here Toby Foster say he was on a diet?
  2. We had our wedding reception at the Norton Hotel in 1964. I think the caterers were called Spittlehouses. Also remember the bowling alley then the duck bar. Don't like the white paint on the outside bricks.
  3. Where do I find pictures of Fowler St Pitsmoor
  4. In the Star somebody wrote that Pitsmoor used to be affluent. Fowler St was thought to be a bit posh at the top then when you walked down to the bottom it definitely was not posh I lived in the middle. I know Peter Stringfellow went to Pyebank the same school as me so what street did he live on.
  5. Didn't there used to be a Cinema next door to the John Lewis in Barkers Pool after the Gaumont was demolished?
  6. I thought the Last Tango in Halifax was great. The scene where they are bopping was spot on Derek Jacobi had got it just right. Cannot wait for the next series to start.
  7. Remember Hayward Rd a steep hill with a chip shop at the right hand side queued outside for them to open. I had to walk through Loco club to get to Pye Bank school remember the air raid shelters in the school yard. Tupholmes was on Pitsmoor Rd. waited in bitter weather in January for the sale to open. I'm sure there was a Chinese Restaurant at the top of Fowler St on the left probably the first in Sheffield. I had to go to the butchers on Saturdays to get 2lb of best stew meat I think it lasted us all week. My mum stayed loyal t' Stooers until she died a couple of year ago at the age of 92.
  8. Has the Star stopped free classified advertising? We have always had it delivered but thinking of cancelling it as its not as good.
  9. Missed Alan Titchmarsh at Chatsworth Show on friday seen him last few years he's very nice to speak too.
  10. Missed seeing Alan Titchmarsh on friday at Chatsworth seen him there last few years very nice to speak to.
  11. When I worked there when it was Rachams we understood that the University was interested in the building
  12. When I worked there when it was Rachams it was said that the university was interested in the building.
  13. I thought it was only my mum that used to shop at Stooers (co-op) when we lived at Pitsmoor a long time ago. Does anyone remember Bladens on Fowler street.
  14. queued for about 3/4 of hour on Sunday 167 Chesterfield in traffic towards junction 29 M1 what was the reason?
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