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  1. fairy_dust

    Childcare needed s2

    Do you drop off in a morning at all at Norfolk park school as looking for a full time place for 2 school drop offs and also 2 full time places for 2 boys in your setting.
  2. Need 2 spaces for 7-30 till 6 mon to fri and also for 2 school drop offs at norfolk park school in s2
  3. Anyone know of a decent loan company for people with a low credit score. I defaulted on sone payments when i was younger and its affected my credit score and now i am working even years later im still struggling to find one who will accecpt me. I applied for a few and they turned out to be brokers anyone know a company who might be able to help
  4. fairy_dust

    Cheap getaway or ideas for boyfriends bday

    It's more classic ford's as he has a series one rs
  5. Anyone know of any shows on 8th, 9th or 10th may 05 don't mind travelling??
  6. fairy_dust

    Cheap getaway or ideas for boyfriends bday

    Say 200 or 250 either for 8-11 may or just somewhere special for the 9th may...he loves classic cars but can't find anything on at minute
  7. cheap getaway or ideas for boyfriends bday needed for this weekend as not sure where would be a really nice place to go
  8. fairy_dust

    Host Families Needed

    Are you interested in foreign cultures, do you enjoy the company of teenagers..we are looking for caring and welcoming home for our students..we are looking for host familes in all areas You will receive a contribution towards expenses If you are interested please contact me 07710529304 Louise
  9. fairy_dust

    Host Families Needed

    Hi chris, i have sent u a pm can you let me know if you recieve this, thank you, louise
  10. fairy_dust

    Host Families Needed

    Interested in foreign cultures? Do you enjoy the company of teenagers? We are looking for caring and welcoming homes for our students You will recieve a contribution towards expenses If hosting is for you..please contact us today Louise Pm me please Thank you
  11. fairy_dust

    Host Families Needed

    Im looking for host families and i cover whole of sheffield..if you know anyone who is interested please get in touch 07710529304 thank you, louise
  12. does anyone know how much it costs to skip items in sheffield..or know anyone cheap who can do it?
  13. fairy_dust

    Baby Clothes Bundles

    have u got any pictures please of 0-3

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