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  1. Agree with Geared. Love the idea in theory, but having visited European and US cities, not sure it works in practice. Even with wide pavements, it's startling to have these these thing pass you at speed; and one wrong move from a surprised pedestrian or a wreckless rider is going to end up with a need for first aid. And with Sheffield's narrow crowded streets, it would be even worse.
  2. Janus, I think I have one or two DAB radios on a shelf that got put away when we got an Alexa. If I can hunt one down, you'd be welcome.
  3. Hi Sainsbury's Archer Road just across the railroad track from there also has paper recycling. (Tesco's have emptied the paper recycling since Xmas. They seem to wait until there are mountains of cardboard all around it.)
  4. Argh, that sounds horrible! Some of the grocery stores near us have been putting in external refrigeration units in their car parks -- looks like a container from a container ship -- and they have external compressors and/or generators that make a lot of noise. If you are within hearing distance of a grocery store, check out their carpark. Interesting mystery -- will you report back on what you find? P.S. If it's a low pitched noise, check out The Hum. See Wikipedia. I've never been sure how real this is, but it might be worth considering.
  5. Jim, interesting -- I only know the ones that do all the floors. Where are the dedicated ones for ABC?
  6. You sure can! It can be crowded some times of day though, sometimes you have to wait a while.
  7. Welcome to Sheffield!!! We moved here 20+ years ago and it won our hearts. Hope you will be just as happy. We know people who walk from Nether Edge -- about 40 minutes away. Worth a look if you want a quieter, leafier neighbourhood. Crookes is more lively. Depends on lifestage and personal preference, both really good choices though. When we were househunting ages ago, we also came across a couple of houses tucked into back streets around Children's Hospital, literally a couple of minutes away. Don't know what the neighbourhood is called, but worth keeping an eye out. It's probably <15 homes there, so you'd be lucky if any were available, but you never know. One word, if you're coming soon, beware that Sheffield in winter can be a bit glum. But wait until you see it in the sunshine! --Dozer
  8. How do upholsterer's work? Do you need to find the fabric and bring it to them?
  9. Check out the app called SoundPrint. It's like Yelp for quiet restaurants. Users take sound measurements of restaurants when they visit and it builds up a database based on real input. There aren't many users in Sheffield yet so the data is a little thin. Please download and start using it so we can find the quiet places. (I'm not in any way associated with the app.)
  10. Hans, had this done a few years back, with the old yag laser! It was very fast, very painless. Maybe I had a slight headache for an hour or two after, which paracetamol took care of. (Long enough ago that the details are fading.) In my case it lowered the pressure, but not enough, so am still on eye drops -- the combination of the surgery and the drops worked a treat. If I recall correctly, they did one eye, let it heal for a month or two, then did the other. Best wishes! Dozer
  11. That sounds lousy. For what it's worth, we've always been impressed with both the service and the food. Only been going 6 months or so now, and always on a quiet weekday, so that might be the difference. But service wasn't just OK, it was warmly hospitable on those nights.
  12. Agree with what everyone else said. And also... We moved onto a very steep road about 7 years ago. Everytime it snows, we shovel the snow and grit the pavement in front of our house, and about 3 houses uphill and 3 houses downhill (to help out some other neighbours). First year we were the only ones who did it. Second year we were the only ones. Third year, a couple of other neighbours started doing it and now we get a clear path almost all the way up and down. (It helps if you shovel before too many other people have walked on it.) Takes about 1 hour each snowfall, so a few hours each year, and if a number of people chip in you can make a real difference! (I love this city, people do look after one another.) Andy
  13. Great observation, old tup. Bullerboy, would love to know more if you have any details.
  14. Thanks, Annie. That's a long time -- any idea what they'll do? Is this part of the electrification? Their website is a big vague.
  15. Sorry for a really unpleasant situation. See a solicitor if you can, some have free initial consultations. You might also want to check out this page. It's short and straightforward. https://www.gov.uk/dismissal/unfair-and-constructive-dismissal
  16. Sainsbury's orange paper recycling containers take tetrapaks -- I think that's what you're talking about. Or at least they do in Sheffield.
  17. Don't blame you for not wanting to pay the callout fee, but I will say that we've had to have Bosch out a couple of times and have been pleased with their skill and professionalism. If you run out of other options, might be worth a try.
  18. I rode this line for almost 10 years and never understood why it was such a miserable experience. Thanks for taking the time to explain.
  19. Annie -- as always, grateful for your analysis. But don't understand this line. What is the motivation?
  20. I got something similar to this in the States. Was very good, cheap, and lasts forever. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/AfterBite-Classic-Insect-Relief-Handy
  21. Any suggestions for a good volunteer position? We don't have family in Sheffield, and I would enjoy the chance to get to spend time with some older people in the area. Perhaps there are charities you know of who befriend older people, either for chats or maybe to help around the house. Or in group settings. Or maybe if not exactly this, you will think of something similar. I'm looking for a volunteer position with a charity, not just informally with someone in the neighbourhood. I'm more comfortable knowing that there are safeguards in place. One challenge is that I am still working full-time, and sometimes have to travel at short notice for work, so it would have to allow me to volunteer in the evenings, with a bit of flexibility for the schedule. Ideally, I'd like to find something that I could continue doing (and maybe even expand my participation in) once I retire in a few years.
  22. Any suggestion for best driving route for early morning from Sheffield to Manchester airport (around 530am), given the road closures?
  23. Pattricia, great topic! Would love to hear why those lessons would have been important to you, if you don't mind sharing some stories. For me, it's "Be as kind to yourself as you are to others." By trying to ignore my own needs, I had a very bad time around 20 years old, and had to drop out of my first uni. It's like the old saying: "If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I?" And then the question is ... would I have listened!
  24. Waj, sorry of the news of your bereavement. Best of luck with the Open U thing. Sounds exciting!
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