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  1. Seeking a female kitten around 8 weeks to join our loving home, plenty of time to be given lots of toys beds scratch posts treats tunnels etc and two little boy kittens to play with, if anyone is selling please let me know thankyou x
  2. Me either. Youd think on the phone they would know. God i hope theyre going to offer me something. Sick of waiting
  3. Can someone help me please, ive just logged in to sheffieldpropertyshop and looking at my recent bidding.. most propertys say (unsuccessful) one says (pending) and one says (open). Can somebody tell me what open is suppose to mean? Seen as though the woman on the phone at sheffield property shop didnt have a clue either..
  4. wanting a puppy thats had injections, let me know what dog aand price please, sheffield hillsborough area, to good home, previous dog owner myself x
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