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  1. Most youngsters come across at about 18 years old a few like Georgie Best and Keith Gillespie get sent over earlier.
  2. Kevin Doyle came from the same club as Stephen Quinn. Keith Gillespie was a Man Utd apprentice who plays in Ireland now.
  3. Alan played in the youth league for Manortown. Stephen played in the league of Ireland.
  4. The "spent spent and over spent like United" blows that theory out of the water. He clearly knows very little about his own club or is trolling.
  5. Well said and three people including myself asked the same questions as yourself.
  6. No pain to come mate a nice win with flowing football just like the begining of last season.
  7. Are you really that thick or are you just trolling? "Done it right like Wednesday" can you run that one by me please? I'm sure you've even got the self respecting Owls fans cringeing with that post.
  8. I'm sure it will all get sorted out shortly.:hihi:......
  9. I'll not be offended the next time a woman says "kiss my ass" now I know it's a hygene thing.
  10. You did very well to keep up with this car for five miles. Why didn't you stop and speak to the bikers?
  11. As long as they are boiled first. :hihi:, I can just see em now covered in egg yolk after reading that.
  12. The answer is already in the thread.
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