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  1. Last airshow i went to i took my 300mm f4 and a 1.4x teleconvertor and i still had to crop most of the airbourne shots, well those of single planes anyway, not the formation flyers So i'd suggest taking your longest lens (75-300), but the focus speed/ability will also be a contributing factor, but as i'm a Nikon guy i wouldn't know whaich was best out of those you have
  2. Love the murmuration shot Simon, where was this taken if you don't mind me asking
  3. I do buy lots off stuff off of eBay and most of the stuff i buy usually comes from the far east, some stuff i have been very surprised at quality wise for the price, some other not so much, but i could have just got a dodgy Q Strap as i'm sure quality control isn't high on their agenda But when i'm hanging several hundreds of pounds worth of camera gear off it, i'd rather have something i'm 100% confident with
  4. The Q Strap is just a cheap chinese knock off "Black Rapid" strap, and although the Black Rapid is very over priced the Q Strap really is cheap in the quality department too, i never felt quick safe enough to let my camera hang off mine as i was always afraid something might give, and the stitching didn't last long either with certain parts coming undone after a few months The Optech on the other hand is a similar price, but 10 times the quality, plus all the wired and wonderful adaptations and accessories available makes it a great choice
  5. +1 for the Optech sling, very nicely made and has a good amount of accessories to customise to your own needs I have tried cheapo eBay slings anf they are just that, cheap and crap The Optech is exceptionally good value, especially when you consider you could be hanging several hundreds (if not thousands) of £'s of kit off it
  6. You guys do realise this thread is nearly 10 months old and the OP was getting married in July............. .................. this July just gone
  7. Sounds interesting, any better description of the location please
  8. There used to be quite a few up at the old Dry Ski Slope, not been up there for a while so though so it might have all gone by now
  9. You might be better asking actual bands rather than asking other photographers Also, are you talking local unsigned bands in local pubs, or are you talking proper chart topping bands at proper venues If its the former, the best way in is to talk to the bands you like and follow and ask them directly, this is how i get on in Chesterfield, we go and watch loads of local bands, and from seeing them and talking to them (either in person or via their social media) i can usually arrange a gig shoot, with my "payment" being either free entry or a couple of pints, but that suits me fine
  10. Nice shots Buggz, love the colours in the second one
  11. Yeah, the past few times i have been up i took a monopod, but this last time i actually took a tripod and it made the world of difference, especially in low light as i could drop the shutter speed right down
  12. Doom Bringer, patience is key, that was the 5th or 6th time i have been up there and each time i seem to get better/closer shots of them It was going out there last with a cheap 70-300mm that got me into wildlife in the first place, now i have a 300mm prime lens with teleconvertors to give me a bit more reach
  13. Sorry, but more deer photos (i hope people aren't getting bored of these yet) Charging Stag by RichPICings, on Flickr Tongue Out Smiley by RichPICings, on Flickr Poser by RichPICings, on Flickr Post Rut Chase by RichPICings, on Flickr
  14. Cheers, that was my own favourite one from the set too
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