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  1. My wife took ill tonight, visited the walk in center at Northern General, doctor was not 100% sure what was wrong. He then spent over 45mins on the phone to get an appointment with another doctor to check her out, (was also seeing other patients in the meantime). Got her an appointment at Hallamshire, went straight there where we were seen immediately, staff were very friendly and helpful to me, constantly letting me know what was happening and making sure I had plenty of cups of tea. Wife was recieving treatment within 1 hr of arriving at Hallamshire. BIG THANKYOU
  2. I go through Page Hall every day on the way home from work, On Friday i was behind a car driven by locals who then decided to throw their rubbish out of the car window, an half empty can of energy drink, and a crisp packet. They then pulled up outside the shops near the crossing to have a chat with someone they knew, well not so much pulled up as stopped in the middle of the road. But nice to see the police making an effort.
  3. Went to fair today..had an good time with my son who loved it, but the ghost train was a joke, it was literally a sheet with eyes cut out, thrown over a scaffold bar and a picture of Dracula. It was sooo bad i nearly spent another £4 just to check how bad it was...
  4. Martin Lewis site Money saving expert.com http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/reclaim/parking-ticket-appeals
  5. Typical of Sheffield forum 5 replies and absolutely nothing helpful to the OP. I'm a member of numerous forums, this is the only one where the MODS allow these kind of stupid replies. Pathetic
  6. Where are the best second hand shops, Not interested in clothes or videos, I like things like retro tins and posters, old brief cases, folders, post cards and small personal items.
  7. Looks like a Man was knocked down near Northlands Road
  8. err....tried that didn't see any on there, that's why i asked if anyone knew of any.
  9. Does anyone know of Indian or Chinese takeaways that open throughout the day. The only one i've known of was one on Holme Lane years ago, but not anymore.
  10. We put our bin out as usual at 9:30 this morning on Monteney, came home from work and it had not been emptied. Did they come early or not at all?
  11. Richardsons firth park.. Cheap...Friendly...Helpfull. Nuff Said.
  12. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-26073200
  13. was traveling on Stocksbridge bypass today, going out of sheffield around 1:30ish. in the lay by just after steel mill turnoff, was a bloke stood at the side of his car, high cut jeans, black fish net stockings, suspenders showing, high heels, crop top, padded boobs,wig....full beard. looked like something out of village people. did anyone else see him?
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