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  1. Unless someone comes forward and names the scumbags who did this there is a very good chance the pieces of filth will get away with this but I hope the get found and suffer. People that do this sort of thing should be hanged. R.I.P PIZZA MAN.
  2. I really don't think that they spend enough money on ghost busting to save the Libraries
  3. The GCSE results are a little bit misleading and will be higher than those of Myers Grove alone because it is now two schools in one.(Wisewood and Myers Grove) which means there are double the amount of students there now they have both merged which means more students will pass there GCSE exams at the now school.
  4. There would be no reason for the Helicopter to be up for that.
  5. I love walking around cemeteries and church graveyards and I have been around most of them in Sheffield but I have never heard of Savini. If it does exist I would love to go and have a look around it.
  6. It was another murder. So much for Sheffield being a safe city. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/local/murder-probe-launched-after-man-stabbed-to-death-on-sheffield-street-1-6189978
  7. Not so long age there was a lot of work being carried in the car park of the police headquarters and I noticed a few high ranking officers looking at what was going on. I asked the officers if any archaeologists had been on the land first and was told no and I was asked why I wanted to know. I pointed to a large pile of earth and rocks that had been dug up and pointed out that the rocks they are digging up are cut stones and way to big for any normal building and there is a good chance that they may be part of the Sheffield Castle and archaeologists should be called in to check the area out before anymore digging takes place. They agreed with me but told me that there would be far to much red tape involved and they don't have the time for that. And when I pointed out that impotent historical information could be lost forever they said that just tough.
  8. I thought Middlewood was a mental hospital and did not know they did operations there.
  9. The council will just get rid of people that do jobs like litter picking and use the unemployed to do those jobs saving the council money which will put even more people on the dole. I'm all for making the unemployed work but at least pay them a decent days pay for a decent days work instead of making them work for what they get on the dole. This is just a way of providing a cheap workforce for cash strapped councils.
  10. I have missed no payments and I can prove it but the reason why I'm being charged this extra money is for administration cost for my late payments and if I don't pay it I have to go to court which does not seem fair to me. When I pointed out that I had not been informed of the problem I was told that they had sent out letters telling me that there was a problem but I received nothing from them.
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