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  1. Hi Bill can you carry a tune vocally for harmonies and such, and what generation are you?
  2. Hi Steptoad sorry not signed in for a while we’re doing bits of all sorts including some bluegrass and Irish influences. Obviously anyone who pitched in would have a say as well.
  3. Folk/acoustic duo looking for bass player (preferably acoustic/double bass) to help put together a set and see what happens.
  4. Hi jamesstarky I'm part of a 6 piece band that performs Americana/country/bluegrass around Yorkshire and occasionally beyond. Four of us are the topside of 50 but the other two are somewhat younger, I don't know if this would exclude us?
  5. This sounds like fun I'd be interested. I'm 56 and currently in a bluegrass band, I play country guitar and a bit of mandolin and can do lead vocals but harmonies are my strength. Pm me if you think I might fit the criteria.
  6. Yes esystem I've yet to meet with John but I'm up for doing a bit of something if you want to meet up to discuss.
  7. Hi John I'm currently in a bluegrass band, we're not very busy and I'm looking for a diversion. I've been playing a long time and have been in several bands over the years. I sometimes get around the folk clubs in Sheffield, usually the one in Nether Edge. What part of Sheffield are you based in?
  8. Hi John I might be interested, depending on the direction you're wanting to go.
  9. Check out The Porch Lizards, they're on fb and YouTube. They do a mix of covers and some originals in the genres of Americana, bluegrass, country. Instruments include guitar, mandolin, banjo, dobro, harmonica and double bass. You won't be disappointed.
  10. Nice answer - I could almost fall for the nurturing altruistic tone of your reply but sorry it doesn't wash no matter how you dress it up - just like internships - "it's for your benefit musicians, we're doing it all for you" - b******t. You're businessmen selling alcohol and maybe things aren't good financially for your businesses but why does that mean that a bunch of hopeful young lads or lasses have to put in their own time and their own money to help prop you up? Unfortunately the lure of fame and fortune will probably mean you will get freebies - shame they can't see it for what it is.
  11. Hey Mandolin maybe we should get together see what ideas we can come up with. Could be exiting stuff.
  12. It might have been like that for years ghostrider so it was and still is with slavery and war and many other unpleasant things - doesn't mean it should continue. It'd be good if local bands could get together and resist the oppressive and exploitative practices of the entertainment industry
  13. Put your hands in your pockets and pay the bands for their time instead of exploiting them.
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