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  1. Thanks for the various comments on this so far, and it's great to keep the discussion going. Particular thanks to marshygirl, Brunette and sheffieldvic for making key points. A few issues have been raised which we'd like to make clear Firstly: We understand parents and students (and others) are interested in learning more about the Committee behind the Organisation, and we will be publishing more information on the website sometime in September. At this stage the leadership (Steering) Committee is still recruiting members for different elements of the larger team (e.g. parents committee, financial committee) and therefore it will be a month or two before this info is published. Secondly: The Company behind Chapeltown Academy will be a non-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee as is the requirement by the government. If approved by the DfE in 2013, it will become a registered charity. Thirdly: Style over substance. I'm not quite sure what this means or what is needed to show that this is not the case, - but the evidence will be clear when the project develops over the next few months and more demand is gathered. All I can say now is the people who are working tirelessly on it now are doing it for no money, and because they genuinely care about education in the area. Staffing, Financial, Recruitment, Educational and Partnership documents are being drawn up as we speak! So long as parents and students tell us there is enough demand in the area for something like this (and initial indications suggest this) we will be doing everything possible to put in the most rigorous and well thought out application to the Department for Education. Keep the discussion going, and we'd be happy to answer more questions. As was said above, the next meetings will be in September
  2. Sorry, I wasn't aware of any 'bull' in this information. We will if the schools is approved be recruiting teachers with track records and in terms of salary this is not the sort of information that would be available at such a premature stage. Positions would be advertised at a later stage.
  3. The school would be based in the Chapeltown area however we can not say at this stage exactly where. Our initial priority has to gather evidence to show the government that there is sufficient demand from pupils to justify the opening of this school.
  4. Thank you for your support. Please spread the word and inform people of our site: http://www.chapeltownacademy.com. We will be holding forthcoming meetings.
  5. Thank you for the positive comments and a very special thanks to the lady who spoke out tonight at the meeting. We are absolutely committed as a team to ensuring this choice of sixth form provision becomes a reality to pupils in the area. We are trying to communicate this message and we hope that support will grow across the community however not all Head Teachers are willing to forward this information to parents. If you are interested in finding out more please visit http://www.chapeltownacademy.com and express your interest so we can keep you informed of meetings and developments.
  6. Yes, you are absolutely correct - this is about a new high performing sixth form that is not currently in the north of the city and as you correctly state, is much needed. Those currently keen to study in a rigorous A level environment are having to travel to other parts of the city or even as far as Huddersfield. If you know of 13/14 year olds who are currently at one of the secondary schools in the north and who may be interested in finding out more, please direct them to our website at: http://www.chapeltownacademy.com . For anyone interested in coming to our information evening on Thursday please log your interest there.
  7. Yes, please visit: http://www.chapeltownacademy.com Parents of pupils, especially year 8 and 9 are invited to a meeting at Tankersley Manor on Thursday at 7pm where we will be explaining in more detail the plans for the sixth form.
  8. Thank you to all the people who responded positively yesterday to our discussions about the proposed new Sixth form college - we met people in Penistone, Stocksbridge, Chapeltown, High Green and Ecclesfield. We hope to see some of you at the meeting on Thursday at Tankersley Manor! Please ask parents to visit our website if they have children in year 8 or 9 in the North of Sheffield or the South of Barnsley.
  9. This is a proposed free school opening 2014. Contrary to other posts we are genuinely passionate about the sustainability of the project. It's not just about the kids of the present, hopefully the Academy will be a lasting and positive presence in the community.
  10. Did you see the news in the Telegraph yesterday on the proposed Chapeltown Academy sixth form college? This is about giving local students life enhancing opportunities! Please attend our meeting on Thursday 19th July at Tankersley Manor at 7pm if you have children or are in year 8 or 9.
  11. A team of educationalists are planning to set up a sixth form in Chapeltown offering high quality A level provision but without the cost of private school fees. If you are a parent with teenagers in year 8 or 9 or you are a pupil aged 13-14 you might want to find out more about this. This is a fantastic opportunity for pupils in this area. To find out more visit the Chapeltown Academy website to find out more. and register your interest. A meeting is taking place at Tankersley Manor on the 19th July. Spread the word!!
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