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  1. The new link road is now supposed to be open in October - they have some community event on 7th where local residents can explore it before it opens to traffic. https://www.stockport.gov.uk/news/a6-to-manchester-airport-relief-road-set-to-open#5b97990793187 Assuming it work as planned , I would imagine the new "shortest" way to the airport will be Castleton , Chapel , A6 to Hazel Grove and the new link road all the rest of the way. However I imagine Winnats Pass will get well and truly stuffed !! So I may stick to Calver , Stoney , A623 to Chapel etc
  2. Goooooogle

    UFO sighted over sheffield

    was it something to do with WH Smiths ?
  3. I think he meant an annual pass. Silver membership with 2 adults and 2 kids is £ 150. We had one of these when the kids were small and bought a book of discounted carpark passes. My wife took the kids loads to play in the (tremendous) adventure playground and we had plenty of family visits to the house and gardens. Well worth it.
  4. Goooooogle

    Fish and Chips in Sheffield thread

  5. The quality of logs from this company are excellent . https://www.certainlywood.co.uk/
  6. Goooooogle

    Cafe or pub near Hallamshire Hospital

    Upshot espresso is quite nice. Very good coffee and sandwiches / pastries etc https://www.upshotespresso.co.uk/
  7. On paper at least , Castleton / Winnats Pass/ Chapel - onto A6 then down the new link road (A555?) should be a winner... Depends on just how much traffic ends up trying to get up and down Winnats . At the moment , it is a bit of a secret route (sshhh !!) Otherwise its out to Calver / Stoney Middleton . Get the A623 then the A6 and then the new A555. The new link saves all the chuffing about in Pott Shrigley and finding rat runs past Wilmslow ! And hopefully , I never have to go via Snake / Glossop / Mottram ever again!
  8. Goooooogle

    The Best Italian Restaurant in Sheffield?

    Oh No ... I hope they are all OK. A wonderful restaurant run by lovely people. I can only think maybe they decided it was too much with two small kids to look after.
  9. Goooooogle

    Microsoft Office for multiple uses

    Just buy office 365. You get the full MS office suite and can install on 5 PC's , mobile devices , ipads etc. Always kept up to date and you get online storage thrown in. Its only about £ 80 PA https://products.office.com/en-gb/compare-all-microsoft-office-products?tab=1
  10. Goooooogle

    Proove Pizza - Broomhil

    Try porter pizza on Sharrowvale. Not a restaurant (although you can eat in sat on stools) but the pizzas are really good. Better than proove I reckon. http://www.porterpizza.co.uk/
  11. If you have a membership - try Costco. Their prices are pretty keen - and the fitting facility is modern and clean. Plus you can potter round the shop while they fit them and have a slice of pizza.
  12. Goooooogle

    Building Near Ski Village?

    The length of the indoor slopes are useless for anyone other than beginners... You spend more time queuing / on the lift than actual skiing. And they get busy to the point of being dangerous IMO... In its heydey , the ski village was really quite good , a long few runs and the dendix with the water spray was pretty decent to ski on. And the matting has moved on in response to the indoor real snow slopes. I think it was killed off due to lack of investment - it always felt half cocked, scruffy and tired. Even the new bits like the soft play area and bowling were never clean... Done right , I see no reason why it wouldn't do well.
  13. Goooooogle

    Off Road driving practice

    Norton Lightwood http://www.safety1stdrivingacademy.co.uk/ £ 15 for an hour and a half in your own car. From 11 years old.
  14. Goooooogle

    Traffic 10th October 2017

    It doesn't help that the Sheffield traffic cameras have been broken for ages.. Anyone know why ? Or whether they will ever work again ? I did email the council to ask but they never bothered to answer.
  15. Amey Hallam Highways Ltd co. no. 08121168 Latest accounts to financial year ending Dec 2016 have been made available. They lost £ 44 million ... Total net worth = minus £ 48 million. Maybe this is normal for these big infrastucture projects...? The vast losses seem to have come from Interest payments made , 7 million in 2014 , 10 million in 2015 and 55 million 2016... I do not know who these were paid to... This company is owned by Amey Hallam Highways Holdings Ltd. The shares of that are owned on a 3 way split between 3 companies: 07068048 AMEY VENTURES ASSET HOLDINGS LIMITED 07450135 EQUITIX HIGHWAYS 2 LIMITED 08063001 ABERDEEN INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENTS (NO 5) LIMITED Of these , a huge amount of money has been shovelled into the third one... £ 19 million in 2015 , £ 46 million in 2016. That is in turn owned by Aberdeen Infrastructure Partners LP. No information at all seems to be available on them , no figures and no ownership detail. These are all facts , no speculation.

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