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  1. thanks PCinfield! did a search and nothing came up thats why i started the thread. will check out the links. cheers
  2. bought the boxed set off E bay last week and started watchin it agin tonight! its great. starts wi old cooling towers in openin shot(now blown up) some of the outside shots are bringin back a lot of memories. down bi canal. have to let mi grandson watch it so he can learn real sheffieldish! that will really **** mi son in law off(he's an aussie) can anyone remember it? and where it were filmed? I know its Sheffield but which area?
  3. I ordered a copy a few days ago. they do not normally ship overseas(Australia) but if you email them, they are more than helpfull.
  4. directly behind the S&E COOP was James Neil (Eclipse tools) where I served my apprenticeship.
  5. not sure when he died but I went to his funeral service somewhere off West street. remembr him goin on about "royal ackenthorpe" and he got put in hostpital for sayin "the best thing Elvis ever did was die". i think some old woman attacked him on a bus. he was one of those larger than life characters. tried not to miss any off his radio shows.
  6. that would be the one! great find. thanks just checked on the site for a hill climb at "Templestowe". I live about 20 minutes drive from this now derelect hill climb. had the steepest bit of track (that still exist's) in the southern hemisphere. and I have just spent the day at one called "Rob Roy" for an interclub championship meeting. great site
  7. when I worked at James Neil we used to have a Georgy "BEST" every morning for us snap! Bacon Egg Sausage Tomato on a breadcake
  8. does any one remember the motor racing in Norfolk Park? hill climb circuit was set up and everything from old Morgans to race cars raced up. cannot remember the year. any photos would great. I sat behind a rope at the hairpin.
  9. looking for Darren Holt, was body builder champion around 1988 /89. he would have been mid 20's then, so will be about 45/48 now. worked with him at Richardsons Knives. he was our assistant.
  10. i used to get hebal tobacca from a shop on there. cheap and smelt like oily rags burning when smoked in a pipe.
  11. I lived in Richmond and worked out at Halfway (Holbrook Precision Castings) and all the Derbysher ites nicknamed me "cop car" cus of the sound they made! "dee dar dee dar"
  12. my late father was treasurer of the Derbyshire Cave Rescue and was one of the main people at the rescue attempt. I also did a lot of caving with my dad and the police came to school to get me as a last resort to try and get a rope around Neil Moss. i was 10 years old at the time. in the end they would not give permission to allow me to try. as far as i know they just covered up the top with maybe concrete, not sure but i know he never came out.
  13. i worked for Richardsons Knives in the 80's and we got blades from Hong Kong sharpened them, put handles on and stanped them "made in Sheffield".
  14. was it on the old airfield that they had the driver training and skid pan?
  15. I ran the half marathon that day and the print is framed and hanging on my study wall. i remember at one of the pre race information meetings (Bramall lane I think) Joe gave us a talk on the painting. said he could not paint heads so everyone had a bucket for a head. my time was 2 hours 35 minutes. my goal was to run the 1/2 in the same time as the full was run. full was done in 2 hours 28 minutes, so that was near enough for me. have not run since.
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