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  1. Who remembers the guy who stood outside McDonald's (The Moor) with a tube of water with eyeballs, gristle and bones swirling around and a big sign that said 'This is in your burger!'. It was the likely 1992 and the surrounding years. Didn't put me off on a Saturday at 10:30, after my Nan had got the pic n mix from Woolworths.
  2. Any one been on the Rother lately? Particularly interested in the day ticket areas, is there anything to catch over the next month or two, or stay away? Cheers,
  3. Wow that is far up! Hope it's true, the river has come on so much over the last decade.
  4. Anyone know the whether this stretch is day ticket or not? I thought it may be the new weir owned by Kilnhurst and District club but I reckon that is the next one down. There is some pegs asking me to fish them all around this area!
  5. Very excited, as fishing the Don this sunday, I have two obvious choices, looking at the weather I could assume a fair amount of water will be in and go for a deep stretch near Meadowhall. Or i could go further a field and try and find a an area which is fast but also has slow pockets. Any advice on fishing when the conditions are 50/50 in the summer. Typically hot summer days make me struggle!!
  6. Also interested. Was several years ago now, but the Rother was brought up in local gov meetings due to the severe hit in fish stocks, and to be quite honest the anglers I know don't rate it any longer. A shame because I hear it once was amazing fishing on it's day. Would love some news in the opposite opinion!!
  7. if you mean local, i can recommend FerryBoat Farm Fisheries (old denaby doncaster), give them a ring first, but they have a caravan and campsite with a horse shoe style pond. Plenty of bites, the specimen side holds some love tench to 8lb and carp to 15lb+. You can get absolutely hammered using the pellet and lovely fishing if you like not knowing what's next!
  8. Ledgering...I have been using the orange packet Warburtons loaf. The really stretchy one, taking a chunk including some crust , flattening it a bit then using a 'bandit' and bait band, seems to work fine and good casting distance. Hook size I cannot give much advice on a I'm still playing about with that. Surface fishing.. I haven't done much recently tbh.
  9. It leaked badly in 97ish I remember fishing the sheaf just behind it weekly and suddenly one Sunday I was catching perch and roach instead of trout and bulhead !
  10. ahh good stuff @ gazza, hopefully nothing bad happened. DanielH: when did you last go and catch? I'm going down next weekend and I am in need of good information lol! On the one hand this is the canal and traditional methods should work, but on the other these carp were stocked, and there's at least 30 over 6lb on a 539m stretch - so maybe commercial methods are best!?
  11. Yar tis a Tinsley Tench. I'll have to get some more random photos uploaded.
  12. Was cycling home from work earlier and saw the Plumpers stretch half drained. Apparently the small barge named 'Rosie' (recently has been moored topside of the Tinsley flight) had sunk, so the canal lowered to help divers raise the boat. Does anyone know any more? are the owners safe? Couple of photos, and possible reasons you keep losing hooklengths to the shallows...
  13. at94: the main stretch.. just above tinsley flight. Lovely little tench in very good condition, it's mouth was near perfect, suggesting he's usually wary of hook & line! Mega: I'm still pretty stoked about this, I too have spent a few hundred mornings on the sheffield/rotherham canal and this is the first I've caught. I do believe there's still a few of these beauties knocking around, I personally think the reason we don't see them that often is not one reason at all but many! To mention a few, I think they keep to certain areas, most likely the parts that are difficult to or seldom fished. I think they sift the silty bottom for micro-foods like freshwater shrimp, larvae and small snails - meaning they don't actually want maggot/corn/pellet too often. The last reason and I'd love to hear more opinions, is that they are pretty hook and line shy to the point the only time you are likely to get one on is when the equipment will struggle to deal with it.... how many times have you seen the pole elastic disappear in to the water only to suddenly release when the size 20 pulls or the 1lb6oz line snaps? Anyway, i aim to get another this weekend lol ---------- Post added 05-05-2014 at 21:13 ---------- Was a fail btw! Did catch a 3lb pike on single red maggot though. Amazing how a size 20 and 1.5lb hooklength can hold up! Another angler was also complaining about a similar issue with double red maggot, so the jacks were hungry!
  14. I remember a few years ago nearly every roach I caught on the Rotherham canal had a few black spots. I presume because the parasite spends it's first few weeks in water snails an increase in water snails may provide a larger chance of black spot. Agree, it doesn't seem to bother the fish though.
  15. I had quite a slow day but very enjoyable mostly because something turned up which is fairly rare in my canal experience.. A little tinca tinca. Red maggot + caster. Looking forward to next weekend!
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