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  1. Trolls should feel perfectly free to troll away I wont be biting This is posted as a heads up for those locals who haven't heard. Enjoy!!!
  2. To All Residents and business owners of The Common/Greenlane Area of Ecclesfield. Sheffield City Council are considering planns to allow a 24 hour McDonalds on the site of the old police training building at the Junction of The Common and Green Lane. Several people have already lodged objections Please do the same BEFORE JUNE 22nd by visiting You will need to Click on "register" and fill out your details. Once you have confirmed your registration you can search for 16/01781/FUL register you objection and leave a comment. Some potential problems include Traffic congestion in an area already troubled with congestion due on street parking by staff from the bus depot, and other surrounding businesses + buses waiting their standing times and driver swap overs. Excessive waiting times at the traffic-lights due to access to Morrisions via traffic lights especially at peak traffic times. South Yorshire Police have a Sub Divisional HQ next door and increased congestion may very well negativly impact on police vehicles ability to access their HQ The problems the constant smell of fast food, litter, unwanted gangs of youths, noise and the eyesore of a 24 hour Light up McDonalds sign on 24 hours a day Also McDonalds have only informed the 10 closest addresses to the proposed site which I feel is very sneaky as it has a much wider impact on the area than that
  3. I have to say I preferred the old Castle Market to the New one better location better parking easier access.
  4. I liked the dim sum but its been while since I went
  5. Suspected Bomb scare Star have a piece Google Asda Handsworth Bomb Scare Pics on Facebook too if you look for Paul David Drabble Editorial & Public Relations Photographer
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