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  1. I remember a David King lived living there,he was a mate of my younger brother.
  2. You are both right,her name is Domonique but she is also known as Nikki.
  3. We now have them down here in London,blocking all the roads and scraping cars when they are going round corners.
  4. It's funny you should ask that,as my Uncle,who brought us up was called Wilf but his name was Wilf Grayson.
  5. You know Jaynee,you are my first and only true love.
  6. Yes I do Toptourist.I thought she was a great Lady.
  7. Hi Suzan My mums did the same thing last week and when the man from the gas came he checked everything and then found out the battery in the alarm had gone flat. Hope this helps.
  8. Hi cleegirl I was telling my mum about your post and she says it was your grandmother that delivered Derek in our house,so I think they must have been very good friends.
  9. Hi Cleegirl Yes I most certainly do, though I think my parents would have known them a lot better (same age group) I went to have a look at the area a few years ago but didn't recognize it at all. Hope everyone is fine.My mother (Jean) is fine.
  10. I don't know about that Paddy,no one has ever heard of potted dog down here in the south and when I bring some back down with me after going back to Sheffield no one as seen it before and a few of them are old army dogs themself.
  11. Hi Kathryn,I hope the "Southerners" made you feel welcome.:>)
  12. My son had the same problem.I tried all of what has been said on here, then found the one that did work,a cold wet flannel in his face,that woke him up and because the pillow was wet he got out of bed.I had to do it for a day or two but in the end he woke up when he heard me walking up the stairs.It's been 10 years since I have had to get him up,he has no trouble getting his self up in the mornings.
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