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  1. Stagecoach are increasing their fares on the 2nd April. unusual that First will be Cheaper than Stagecoach....But I give it 2 weeks until theirs go back up to last years price https://www.stagecoachbus.com/promos-and-offers/yorkshire/fare-changes-2-april-2017
  2. As someone who drives that route quite often, you can usually fit a bus and a car in the limited width as long as both are far enough across. If this was not the case, then all drivers are only human and mistakes do happen. It's a shame that our society is so quick to want to get people into trouble for every mistake. At the end of the day both drivers stopped and this is part and parcel of driving to watch for a developing hazard, I'm glad to see that both parties stopped and nothing else happened. Not sure what is achieved by posting on a public forum.
  3. Are the stagecoach/First £3.90 day and £12.50 week still valid on both companies 120 and 52's ?
  4. First 120 does not do a £1.70 fare on the 120 also the 120 route is the cheapest in Sheffield. Halfway through to Fulwood £180 . 51 route Charnock to Lodgemoor would set you back £2.30 for a similer distance. Also the 120 does not get any subsidy so they charge what is commercially viable ---------- Post added 07-05-2015 at 01:03 ---------- First does not do a £1.70 fare on the 120 also the 120 route is the cheapest in Sheffield. Halfway through to Fulwood £180 . 51 route Charnock to Lodgemoor would set you back £2.30 for a similer distance. Also the 120 does not get any subsidy so they charge what is commercially viable
  5. That must be a novelty, as according to some on here First rarely turn up
  6. What amazes me about the Sheffield Forum is when you start a subject that's already been covered the Mods are quick to close it down, but when it comes to yet another boring ill informed discussion on First bus the topic is left open for all the usual venom to be posted. I was going to give replies as to why buses are late, but it has been covered SO many times to blinkered , ignorant, 'I know best' people of Sheffield that I would just be wasting my time. x
  7. Years ago I went in to ask for some info on jobs , The very professional lady was truly shocked when she couldn't find me on the system, I explained it was my first (and only) visit. I think it was a pleasant surprise for her
  8. I wonder how much the PTE lose every year through the self scanning of Mobility/ OAP and other 'smart' tickets. Passengers scan a card, any bodies card then sit down. They don't show their photo to the driver due to the fact that when they were first introduced they were never instructed to do so nor are there any information signs on the buses/ Trams informing them to do so. This is a big problem. I emailed the PTE regarding this and their answer was the driver can tell how old people are so don't need to see the card, so why bother with the photo in the first place ! but they acknowledged that mobility misuse was a problem. The drivers don't want the hassle of educating the whole of the PTE area to get passengers to show their photo as it causes tension with the passengers who don't realise they are suppose to show the photo in the first place. You get the situation were an OAP gets on scans card, then a Mobility user gets on scans card , you then ask to see it, they then get aggressive with comments like, you didn't ask her or nobody else asks ETC Did the PTE have a Festive (Christmas) Party at the City Hall again this year complete with Chocolate fountain at our expense like a few years back ? ---------- Post added 29-12-2014 at 09:48 ---------- You would think they would be proactive and update the electronic screens with updates regarding cancelled services.
  9. Yes if you have have the 60p ready when boarding and sit down at the nearest seat !
  10. We have not had 'no fare paid forms' for many years. No pass full fare.Esp if you look 21 and pretending you qualify for 50P. Plus we drivers have 50p Add on's, 50p Centro, 50p Mega rider, 50p 16-18 and 50p Uni NUS, so how are we supposed to know which one people want if they don't show a pass. PUT PASSES IN YOUR POCKETS WALLETS OR PURSES WITH YOUR MONEY!!!!!
  11. I live in Eckington, so i currently shop at either Tesco in Clowne, Morrisons at Halfway, Sainsburys in Peaks and Asda at Handsworth. I feel that The quality and choice at Asda is well worth the extra travelling. Example- bananas etc are usually green so last a long time at Asda and their staff are very friendly, Where at Morrisons their 'fresh' produce is going off by the time I remove it form the car! and the store feels dated Sainsburys is annoying to get into too, and when you are in they seam to have an aversion to putting staff on tills. Tesco i feel is expensive. So 2013 can't come soon enough for me, Asda can have all my trade, and a big bonus an ASDA petrol station and it's 'cheap' petrol.
  12. There will be a lot of children/students not getting on the 120 come sept due to Legal load limits.
  13. Was the PTE funded radio/tracker working
  14. Totally agree, whilst the 120 is getting stuck on Glossop Road, 41 would be just going down Granville into town and back, now people who live on Duke St only have the 120 and have to wait for the convoys to arrive, but two weeks ago they could have got a 42,44,or 49, that would not have been in the diversion on Glossop Road
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