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  1. Fire brigade have tweeted it's a industrial unit on fire.
  2. I hate the 83/83a we have. It goes no where I need to go. The old 97/98/35/36 was a fantastic service. It was first with missing bus that let it down. We have now got along with first company, stagecoach for the first time on our route, and they was on time just fine. I don't need to go to pitsmore but the bus now does and no longer runs along burngreave/wicker like the 83/a used to do,and that is one area i need. No closer to herries road entrance to the hospital like before when you have a wheelchair to push. Getting to meadowhall,firthpark I use to get outside my house.so we got the 38 from herries road to meadow hall only for that to change route. Night shift now will be a taxi due to not been able to get the last bus home in time. My route before no matter where I wanted was one bus. My daughter lives in s12 works at yewlane,she use to get one into town then the 98/97 to outside the school she works.last night she and others waited an hour for a bus home has two first buses was missing. I have to say first Company was rude,stagecoach was fantastic in helping people. First drivers that dint know stuff.yet they expect the public to know. Half of the information given was confusing,the map given out made no sense to many with no street names.
  3. On the sheffield star site http://m.thestar.co.uk/news/crime/police-investigating-after-all-night-rave-with-200-people-on-field-in-sheffield-sparks-complaints-1-7424175 I still am awake since 1am when I heard it first when I went to bed.
  4. I am in ecclesfield,I thought it was a car on the park behind me playing music at first.my brother says it sounds like from Hillsborough park.then behind him.he said the fair is no where near has loud when its on like this is.
  5. It is a mystery till someone will say.more strange people are hearing it all different times around the city at different levels,do these people have hidden speakers all around to make people wonder where its from and turn up the volume.i forgot the other one ending at that time to.i had the fan on that help.but my brother txt me about it to he's over in Hillsborough.
  6. Well we not lucky has we all up like yourself is.its loud where ever you are.or get the vibrations from it.
  7. Looking at my facebook.i See others can hear it.ones already have rang them hours ago has they have work at 7am.and he says the police aware of it.that all that's been said.he wonders if not a lot of people have complained then nothing will be done.
  8. Haha I am the same boat has you.one min I think its stopped.then it starts again.yes I can hear it.unless I have rave tinnitus
  9. I agree queenie30. Even so I liked the raves back in the day.they dint disturbed people like today.even I gave up now trying to sleep.it not the noise.i shut the double glaze windows.yet I can feel the vibrations that's driving me. I am all for people having a good time.but not when it disturbed others.
  10. Ear plugs don't work when you can feel the beat also. My comment was not a moan.i dint see others moan at the time,but asking where it was coming from.also like myself they is people that been to raves for many years or still go since the year it was born that is on this forum and enjoy the music we not all anti rave,but some are or just find it annoying at this time.
  11. Glad I have seen this post.i thought it was a car I could not see maybe on the park playing loud music.glad to see I was not imagining it.i am in ecclesfield area and sounded like I got speakers under my bed.
  12. I have noticed these stickers on the shared bins to the flats in Ecclesfield when the workmen was putting new windows and bath and kitchen suites in the flats, i thought it was to tell the workmen not to put their own work rubbish in.
  13. One just gone up Colley Cresent s5. We are normally one of the last areas to get gritted and no with bus service with living on a hill.
  14. The old 17 route never kept to its time table, but it was nothing like the new service that we have. And we had the times changed twice since having this new service. When the times did change they was better times, but again they was missing or was late. What is the point of taking one bad service off like the 17 we had, just to put it back on. I am thinking of looking to get another motorbike at this rate and scrap the buses altogether. Glad you all got to keep your bus service i hope they don't pull it off again. Stagecoach always seems on time with the buses, and have enough bus on the routes, but they don't serve where i live or where i need to be for work or run later at night or i would use them, but again i would have to walk 10 mins to the nearest bus stop that i don't fancy walking the area at night on my own, and when the 17 stops right outside my house from where i work. But why should i use more buses when First promise one bus service for where i need to go and i pay also for the service via monthly pass.
  15. Thing is annbaker we had the 17 service before they put the 35-36 and the later in the day the 37 bus service. The 17 bus service was also shocking for been late or not turning up this is the reason for the new service. The new bus service had a new route to the 17 it changed half way from the 17 route but it was not a bad route, but again time keeping was shocking. I have complained loads of times when buses have not turned up when they should have and making me late. I got told that the buses that was on the time table should not have been on the time table that did not turn up, yet other buses had kept to that time for the time the other bus was missing. So the bus company know its not the people, its how the bus is ran. I will now have to re arrange with how i will get to work using this bus service now the times will change, or i will have use more buses just to get to and from work.
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