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  1. Hi all New supplier in store we have a huge range of Minces (boneless and ground bone) Completes Chunks Fish Whole prey Natural treats Non toxic shampoos, flea drops, wormers, supplements Specialist meats ( boar, veal, horse, goat, much more) See our range at http://www.k9butcher.com Request a loyalty card posted to your house or pop in and collect one: This entitles you to a Box of 14 free minces for every 10 boxes you buy! Free delivery in Sheffield also. Many thanks
  2. Hi Could you send us an email please and we will get this over to you right away If you could send to k9doggroup@gmail.com Many thanks ---------- Post added 05-11-2016 at 14:55 ---------- Thank for your note We are in the process of building our site which we hope to have up in the next couple of weeks Many thanks
  3. We also do deliveries from £2.95 and we offer credit accounts (with a MOQ order) so you can pay monthly (terms and conditions apply and subject to status) If you go into our Facebook page you can contact us for price lists , orders, deliveries and so forth. Many thanks Chris
  4. Hi No we don't stock any commercial - we work with defra approved companies and farms from Dorset , Somerset and all of our 100% raw fish minces are from Grimsby which we have exclusive rights for. ---------- Post added 10-10-2016 at 12:16 ---------- We have a lot of customers who buy our 100% fish mince (salmon, herring, mackerel and white fish) for their cats, as well as the chicken mince we do and Ox complete - we also have 100% fish treats which are suitable for cats
  5. Admin Please move if not accepted K9 Dog Group Ltd has opened a Specialist Raw food and Dog Accessory shop (K9 Butcher) in Commonside, Walkley. Available for delivery and purchase in store - A selection of Raw Minces and Complete minces ( Lamb, Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Tripe, Ox, Rabbit, Venison, Salmon, Mackerel, Herring ) - A variety of Offal , Bones - Skinned and Gutted Rabbits - Specialty low fat minces ( Pigeon, Horse, Boar) We also sell a selection of Treats ( natural) and Dog Training Equipment, leads, harness, halti, Grooming products, Kongs etc Also in stock we have CBD Oil and Salmon Oils Come and visit us and see what we have, we can also advise any dietary requirements.
  6. Hi We cover this area please check our Facebook page for pictures videos etc. we have over 80 dogs on our books and come recommended. We can provide CRB checks Insurance etc. Doggiesinwonderland79@gmail.com Kind regards Chris
  7. Hi All, Doggies in Wonderland (http://www.doggiesinwonderland.com) are close to celebrating another year trading and how far have we come.... Here are some statistics: Dogs on our books (walking, agility, training) - 62 Pet sitting - 13 Walks in 2014 (up until 8th August) - 5412 Pet Taxi : 19 Staff - 4 RAW FOOD In 2014 we started supplying raw food around South Yorkshire, we now have over 130 customers that we supply. WALKING AREAS IN SHEFFIELD We now cover all areas of Sheffield WALKING EXPANSIONS We now cover Rotherham as of May 2014 Expansion into Chesterfield, Barnsley late 2014. ACCESSORIES Shop For Your Doggies.Com will be launched in the next month stocking over 3000 varieties of accessories such as beds, harness', leads, grooming, and we have secured brands such as Kong, Pet Head, Gor Pets, Chelsea Dogs. GROOMING We have now started a Grooming service ( July 2014) CREDIT FACILITIES We also as of Jan 2014 started working on Credit Facilities with all of our customers, which makes everyone's life easier and lets you pay your bill on pay day! This has been very popular with our clients. Walks Days out Raw food Grooming Accessories From the first of each month, you can book all of the above with us, and you get one monthly invoice, so you do not need to worry about what you have in your wallet or purse, we just send an invoice at the end of the month and you can pay via bank transfer! Simple! FACEBOOK PAGE We now have over 420 likes on our Facebook page with plenty of positive reviews. Please add us and see what all of our Doggies are up to! The greatest thing for us, is that due to the amount of customers we have it allows us to keep our pricing as minimal as possible for all of the above services that we offer. Our prices range for walking at £5 for 30 minutes - £7 for 60 minutes, we walk a variety of locations in Sheffield, again check our Facebook page for further information. We would like to thank all of our customers for supporting us and we look forward to working with you all for the next year!. Kind Regards Doggies in Wonderland!
  8. Hi All, We are wanting a photo shoot for myself and partner ( she is due in 6 weeks) and wondered if there were any photographers local who can provide some quotes for the work? We are looking for a Saturday day time or Sunday after 17.00 for the shoot to take place. If you are interested please can you PM me pricing etc? Many thanks Chris
  9. Hi Karen07 We too are based in S6 Walkley, feel free to email us with details and and I can provide further information Kind Regards Chris
  10. Hi, We board dogs, please check our site out http://www.doggiesinwonderland.com - we are fully CRB checked, licensed and can send references etc. On our FB site you can also see many reviews of customers comments :-) Kind Regards Chris
  11. Hi There, We cover your area, please check our site http://www.doggiesinwonderland.com CRB Checked, Fully Insured, Licensed etc. Or you can email us doggiesinwonderland79@gmail.com Kind Regards Chris
  12. Hi We can help, please check our website out or email us doggiesinwonderland79@gmail.com. Thanks Chris
  13. Hi Sibo89 - we deliver raw food and supply. We are collecting stock Saturday this week. If you can email me doggiesinwonderland79@gmail.com I can send you a list of product. Thanks Chris
  14. Angel - Please email me doggiesinwonderland79@gmail.com - we write diets *for Free* based on your dogs breed, weight etc. We have done this with over 200 customers in Sheffield, and we supply raw meat and deliver too :-) Kind Regards Chris
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