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  1. Thank You. Stocksbridge getting whiter and whiter
  2. What are roads in Sheffield like at the moment? Need to go to BQ and I am wondering if it is worth to go now?
  3. Surprised so low and fast. First group a little bit higher but anyway very low.
  4. Sixt rent a car - all 15 plates car - all premium car you wish from Mercedes to Aston Martin. Broad street near travelodge hotel. But it is cheaper to book online Sixt.co.uk
  5. From stocksbridge to barnsley without any problem. Roads are black and traffic ok
  6. Yes he is. I see someone knows the Badgers song.
  7. Thanks for reply. I ordered it from eBay. Probably tomorrow will arrive.
  8. Have seen doctor twice even had X-ray but only paracetamol co codamol given. Can't stand taking more pain killers. I had a bit of that cream at home and it helped me.
  9. Has anyone got in S36/s35 area BenGay cream. I need it urgently. Twisted leg can't walk and it is the only thing that helps. Have no idea where to buy and because of mobility problems at the moment I am not able to travel very far. Thank You. ---------- Post added 02-07-2014 at 18:49 ---------- I bought sth similar to BenGay but doesn't work. . ---------- Post added 02-07-2014 at 18:52 ---------- Any recommendation how to kill pain and start walking again welcome.
  10. Thanks for replies. The easiest thing is to buy on eBay. I know. But int this way very soon it is going to be very difficult to buy anything. I prefer buying from stationery shops companies than online. I do not have to pay for postage and wait. Prefer to go and buy when I need and support some local businesses ---------- Post added 04-04-2014 at 15:45 ---------- And other thing is that quality of most eBay items is below my expectations. ---------- Post added 04-04-2014 at 15:55 ---------- By the way. I hope that someone who took my rear wipe arm last Tuesday night needed it very much and now looks after it and it found new nice car and will live happilly for a long time. Maybe it got new blade with this occasion. Police of course was not informed , they have more important problems than missing arms from citroen and I do not believe in miracles.
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