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  1. It is on topic due to the OP's comments on the fans being to blame, you seem to have a more level headed view on the situation.
  2. As if there isn't enough problems already getting Wellington Street car boot going.
  3. My friends son got a contract at Tranmere with Ronnie Moore his wages were pityful and he gets three times more in non league now, Tranmere were the lowest wage bill in league one at the time and got in the play offs theY sacked Ronnie after the play offs and being in their highest league position. The club are really struggling and take lots of youngsters from other clubs evey season, most don't even get on the bench more than a couple of times. Not a good move IMHO.
  4. It's worked for you so far but for owls on here but has no relation to the Blades situation. As I say so far so good for the owls.
  5. Wrong thread mate on topic please your pal insists.
  6. So do you think United are poorly attended for their league position?
  7. :hihi::hihi: classic that mate, and yourself??????????? Just have a quick butchers at the thread you and your pals are on then tell me who you lot are more concerned with.:hihi: Worra classic.:hihi:.
  8. So you don't wish to debate other peoples opinions and replys to you as you ignore the oportunity. I agree totally with what SPECIALPG said if you don't why not say why. Debate the topic.
  9. On topic, I agree with the post from specialpg totally what's your opinion.
  10. I have quoted several posts from several poster who do not agree with you from Blades and Owls, you choose to ignore the debate and chase me around avoiding the topic completely, the reason being you have been ridiculed by both sides for your terrible attempt at trolling. As for not liking you:huh: It's a forum and writing on a screen, if it gets you all paronoid like that mate you ought to give it a rest.:loopy:.... Grow up.
  11. That is my opinion and that of others if you don't like them ignore them, go away, don't reply.
  12. Here you are plenty of replies to you mostly ignored. Debate with them.
  13. It isn't a debate it'd a ridiculous childish attempt by you to troll and wind people up, read the replies you have had.
  14. Big mistake not having more cover but injuries piling up all at once were the main contributer, it happened to Wednesday a couple of seasons ago.
  15. No it won't but it makes a mockery of this thread. Wednesday are the only ones to go cap in hand up to now and not only the once. You woud think any self respecting Wednesday fan would know better than start a thread like this after what they have done and been through especially after going cap in hand to the likes of Dave Allen and STILL owing him money.
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