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  1. Thanks everyone ended up at meadow farm in eccelsfield wasnt quite 2 for £10 but the food was amazing been to travellers before and the food and service was really good so have to agree there
  2. Does any one know of any pubs that do nice meals for £10 in sheffield on a sunday?? I would be really greatfull for help as it my nannan and grandads 50th wedding anniversary next weekend and where wanting to go out for a family meal
  3. i went to chaucer school from 2003-2008 and would say that it wasn't all that bad but thats when it was mr robinson as the head teacher. My younger brother went there last year for a week and changed to yewlands as the bullying from the older kids was discusting the new head teacher who is also head of tapton school is said to not tolerate bullying in either of his schools but if you ask me he doesn't know what happens behind closed doors. there for my opinion of the school has changed
  4. Thanks everyone for the advise/help i just cant help but worry ive never had to go to court before, i wish i had the money to pay the full amount fingers crossed they will accept my payment plan
  5. There is a number on the letter but it says something about settling the amount in full. Ive just started work full time and dont want to have to miss work for somthing that i can now afford to pay in instalments
  6. Ive received a yellow summons to court letter for non payment of council tax this morning and just wanting some advice really, i cant afford to pay the balance off but can pay some towards and set uo an arrangement to pay off in regular instalments if i ring them monday morning will i still have to go to court or should they accept that making regular payments is ok??
  7. have look on Gumtree Sheffield ive seen quite a few on there most advertised with cage aswell, other then that theres a pet shop in Hillsborough on one of the side roads im sure they sell them in there not sure how much though
  8. doesany one know if glynn rhodes still does the boxersise classes in the old school at theback of morrisons in hillsborough?? id be greatfull if any one hasany information
  9. does any one no/have any information of where in s6 there is any zumba classes???
  10. Deffo can't be both of us my partner saw it as well on his way home from work was really funny how it didn't thunder, I fort it was my television at fort then was in the kitchen when it did it the second time ---------- Post added 01-08-2013 at 00:09 ---------- Yeah was half hour ago I'd say I saw it about 20 to midnight.
  11. Is it me or has any one else seen flashing in the sky I live in s6 area and I'm sat in my living room and twice within 5mins of each other the living room has lit up with what seems to be a blue flash I fort could be lightening but no thunder followed and no rain strange :/
  12. In stannington and to the south east (crooked,broom hill) way I can see flashes of lightening. Suppose it's gods way of welcoming the royal prince
  13. The only thing you got right there is the road names I live on stanwood and my district is still stannington, not stanwood road stanwood it's stanwood road stannington
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