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  1. Mines terrible in S6 Scans find 0 channels most times and when they do the signal is awful
  2. On 80Mbs/30Mbs in the S6 area on their air fibre, could only get about 14Mbs over the phone line with any other provider so I'm happy. This week had a small issue with performance and peek times (first time in about 2 years), one quick email and it was addressed shortly after. I'm happy
  3. 20% vat on items over a certain about £15 I believe. Also £8 handling fee from Royal mail (hostage negotiation fee as I call it). And just they charge the VAT on the item cost + postage cost + insurance so. If the seller had declared the item was coming from Jersey then they have done all they to. Items marked as gift have a slightly higher bar before VAT is added.
  4. Different cultures have different answers. Portugal solution works for them and I'm glad for that. Still, my question remains unanswered, where is your "understanding and knowledge" from this subject coming from? As you speak with such confidence in what you say, however none of which relates to the situations we face in the UK
  5. About £150 a week for radio with city last time I checked. Though I have heard they are moving more towards charing more like uber.
  6. Apart from all the know side effects ? Which includes all the effects you have listed (minus diarrhea and replaced with constipation). Plus of course the crippling dependance which just gets worse over time. Yes we are aware that going cold turkey is not great but its a damn sight better than od'ing Handing it out freely to addicts is not going to solve anything. They will only top up with street gear as they do on methodone. Education is what is needed, along with the will of the user to stop for a better life Edit : Can i ask were your "knowledge and understanding" for this subject matter is coming from? Apologies if you have already mentioned,its a long thread
  7. Mines gone up about £6 a month. If you had long distance fares you seem to have done alright out of stagecoachs changes. I'm now forced to buy a ticket that's also valaid for the tram even though I'm nowhere near a tram since they removed the bus only tickets
  8. Barely 50% of services arriving on time (if arriving at all)
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jan/02/northern-rail-to-be-stripped-of-franchise-says-grant-shapps About time
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