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  1. I have just restained a similar size deck with the Wickes stuff (for exactly the same reason, selling the house and didn't want to spend a fortune) and it looks great. Colour is good and it was easy to apply with a brush, I wouldn't personally bother with pads/sprays etc. Cannot comment on how long it will last but fingers crossed. I did have to return the first tub I bought because it was some strange grey colour but the second one was fine. Hope yours comes up a treat like mine did. Mark
  2. Thanks everybody for your advice and suggestions. Lots for us to think about and some great looking houses. Another suggestion that has come up is Dronfield. Schools are good, houses seem to be slightly cheaper and it wouldn't be a problem for me being that bit further outside Sheffield. What's it like? Off on holiday for 10 days today but will check thread on our return. Thanks again for all your help, seems Sheffield folk are a friendly bunch
  3. Thanks for all the responses. Much appreciated. Budget is up to @£375,000 for a 4 bed house.
  4. Hi there, Relocating from Nottingham to Sheffield, really looking for: - good primary and secondary schools that can deal with both academic and special needs children - easy commute into the city centre - close to some "real" countryside (not just a local park) - safe, low crime area - good transport links to rail and motorways Using the web we have identified Dore as a good candidate and King Ecgberts secondary and Dore primary schools. Would really welcome some general advice on what the schools/area is like and whether it would fit what we are looking for before we drag the kids up for a look round (they are getting sick of looking at houses!). Incidentally where does Dore end and Totley begin? I notice estate agents seem to badge everything as Totley, does this matter or is it the usual estate agent deviousness All help and advice very gratefully received Mark
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