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  1. With due respect, I have taken my first Holy Communion in the Catholic Church and am therefore able to receive communion along with anyone else at mass. My priest has applied to the bishop for my Catholic confirmation this year.
  2. I'm not a theologian and there are some great people in all kinds of denominations, including the CofE. I was confirmed in CofE but have reverted back to my childhood faith after much soul-searching. However, I have experienced much bullying by CofE members because of my catholicism when I was younger. I regret getting confirmed in the CofE in some way, in that it was weak of me not to stand up to the pressure to alter my faith. In answer to your question, it would be best put to a catholic theologian.
  3. It's a fair point. I still think retail customers are taken for a ride though because the spread between borrowing and lending interest rates for those particular customers is absurd. It would just be good to know exactly what customer money is used for, in a transparent way.
  4. A friend of mine was livid because he couldn't find his father after his father had a stroke. He made 3-4 phone calls to Hallamshire, NGH and police and eventually got directed to NGH. NGH said they didn't have him. Finally he was found to be at Hallamshire and not booked in correctly. Could have died and my friend not able to find him to say goodbye. The admin is a joke in this city sometimes. The commitment to proper processes and procedure seems 50 years behind other cities in the UK. What is wrong with Sheffield? On the plus side everyone says it is very friendly, but who cares if a place is "friendly" if it is not good at what matters. Sorry to rant.
  5. The divisions may be separate, but if the retail customers weren't providing deposits, the banks would have no means to make money with which to trade, if that is what you are saying the money the banks do use to trade comes from. Money deposited doesn't get stored in a vault does it? The point of a bank is to act as an intermediary in financial markets, so the depositor gets a per centage of the return on the interest made by the bank by lending the money. It's not rocket science.
  6. It is true that the bonus structure incentivises short-term risk taking and it can also incentivise questionable accounting to imply short-term profits which will translate in to huge losses the following year nottomention a flagrant disregard for risk in short-term risk taking (such as investing in subprime mortgages and derivatives projects and borrowing short-term to finance such projects and other longer term projects, like Lehman's did resulting in the financial crisis). The problem with the bonuses are that they are too high and my point is that the money should go to the investor/lender, not to the employee trader. This makes mugs out of the customers (lenders), leading to angry discontent. I don't support a hedonistic and greedy lifestyle of banking employees whose bonuses are clearly too much for them to handle (or else why would they be going out destroying themselves and people around them night after night). If their income were somewhat reduced, it might force them to change their gratifying consumption habits and allow end-user banking customers to enjoy a bit more for their depositing. Mine is not a complaint about bonuses per se. And I'm not trying to take anything good away from financial managers, traders or any other well-performing employee. It's more about integrity, honesty and giving more value back to the end-user instead of making them bear the brunt of the mistakes of the elites in addition to their successes. Surely this is unethical and dishonest? Big bonuses funding a lifestyle which can be purely hedonistic is the point I was trying to make. If these guys were using their money to create businesses or provide more value to everyone in society it would be ok. You can argue their spending in such enterprises (like bars, pubs) is good for the economy anyway. My view is it's unethical use of money which could be going back to shareholders and customers.
  7. Why? Are you a thief? Support the thieves! Don't do them harm, just be nice to the ********! May be we should send them on an all-expenses paid cruise of a lifetime. Seriously. Re-education in the kindest and most loving way. Just the kind of attitude a criminal loves. Someone they can walk all over, take advantage of and have no feeling or remorse at the distress caused to others. Obviously, MrMoran, you've never been robbed of anything or you wouldn't be so sympathetic, Christian/liberal values or no.
  8. It's this tiny island that has fewer Catholics than protestants. If you go to Latin America, the Philippines, Hong Kong, all the Catholic Churches are abundantly overflowing with faithful. Anglicans and other protestants will convert, just be patient Tony. Let them enjoy Christ's mercy in their ignorance. It's only a tiny island with a few stolen churches. It's not England that matters when the vast majority of the Christian kingdom is Catholic and true to apostolic succession from Abraham to David to Christ to today. Look at the state of the CofE? Do you not think the world is going to God? Those bullies are a prejudiced bunch and factually incorrect, not you. So relax, brother! Let them discriminate against us all they want. It is they who are losing out on the grace and true Fellowship of our Lord and the intercession, miracles and kindness of His blessed Mother, the Queen of the Church and all the Holy Saints and martyrs. We could look to America, but who turns to America for spiritual guidance anyway? The CofE knows it ought rightfully return all the Catholic Churches to the Church, but it maintains arrogant face under the weak and misguided intentions of Rowan Williams and the continued "faithfulness" to the King Henry rather than the King of Kings. We have a loving, caring God who wants the best for us, so he's not going to strike these people down, even if they are justifying the slaughter of innocent Catholics during the reformation. Just forgive, forgive and forgive, let go and let God. It's the tough way, but it's the right and just way.
  9. Thanks for your detailed PM, farmer. The website looks thoroughly professional. I will make enquiries and see if I can attend some nets in future.
  10. Bring back severing hands for thievery!
  11. If humans were not meant to eat other humans, why are they made of meat?
  12. I like visiting the site gallery near to the Showroom cinema it's free, but touch-and-go on the exhibition. Sometimes that bloke out of thingy is there. You could then see a film at the Showroom or go for coffee in the Winter Gardens.
  13. Better go to Thailand for those things. Rather than buy package, create your own. I've stayed there for 3 weeks in top class accom. for under £1500, visited temples, met a monk, massage every day, mingled with the locals and made a lot of new friends visited paradise beaches and so on. It can be done if you put your mind to it and worth the additional spend 10 x over.
  14. There is a problem with our banks. They are not passing enough to the end-user and paying too high bonuses to their traders. If we really understood banking, we'd demand far more from our banks and not complain about them as if they are such powerful institutions. A bank takes your deposited money and uses it your money to lend to businesses or individuals (e.g. a mortgage) and speculate in financial markets. You get paid for lending (the interest the bank pays you - if any!). Banks are too much focused on policy and protocol, like the NHS instead of creating real value and prosperity for customers, they are just keeping the elites in the business of creating extravagant bonuses. The big issue with the bonuses is that many of the financial employees I've met in one of the world's biggest financial centres don't know how to spend their money wisely or in a way that doesn't demonstrate exploitation of the poorer and middle classes. For example, when I met the chief of risk for a major bank, his biggest problem was that he had paid £45,000 for a new sports car that day when his wife had told him to spend £40,000 on a car she wanted. Going out at night, I'd see so many bankers getting wasted - but paying prices like £5-10 for one glass of beer. I kid you not, one glass of water was £8. This is abuse of our deposited money to be paying the bankers in this way so they can spend so frivolously. The answer is not in negative complaining, it's in taking positive action and thinking about how we can create prosperity, not change the world. One trader told me that when you pay in a cheque, some banks will literally double the value of the cheque in financial markets before the money even hits your account. Then you're told that 0.5% per month simple interest (Halifax) is a great offer for you as a customer. Banks know that most of their customers are not educated in the ways banks work and so they can make their customers into walking poverty jokes. Financial markets are there to allow consumers to make decisions so that they can borrow, lend and speculate at the desired level of risk to allow you to consume at the level you want in good times and bad. Anyone who calls them a casino, just doesn't understand portfolio management, corporate finance and banking and can't handle their own money professionally. You can slave your life away working and paying money to the bank and what you're doing is literally paying for the bankers and bank managers mortgages and dream lifestyles while you wonder why life's not fair for your whole life. It's your choice, so take some responsibility for God's sake! Don't blame others or the banks. Take 100% responsibility for your results because the banks aren't going to change them for you in case you hadn't realised already, neither is a financial advisor who is paid no matter what happens to your account. I actually have a dream for Sheffield that it should become the new financial centre of the UK. Without financial institutions, there's no hope of real prosperity. Manchester, Edinburgh, London, they all have banks with trading floors, especially the City of course. We have NO TRADING FLOORS, NO HEDGE FUNDS, 1 PENSION FUND (that I know of, and I think that has relocated to Leeds - could be wrong). In other words, in reality, no matter how much pride we've got in Sheffield and the Steelworks and the working class B.S.!!!,, we are LOSERS guys. We gotta take massive action and put ourselves centre-stage. I've had enough...dang...I'm making a decision soon....
  15. I was pleased with the price, friendliness and service of Vantastic when I used him.
  16. Got any idea of what to expect for the quote? It's because the kitchen on the same property has received quotes from £600 to £1800++ for a refit, so I want to get a guide for what the market should be paying for DPC.
  17. It's something else to do if you're on the dole and decided you don't want to do anything decent with your life (like becoming a banker and making your fortune in the City). If you were on your deathbed, looking back, would you look back in pride about pitching a tent in protest to the world financial crisis you don't even understand? Or would you think, actually I'm pretty ignorant, lazy and didn't want to do much in this world, so I pitched a tent in protest because someone else made me feel like it was the right thing to do...and I'm a druggie...or a grafter or whatever. Don't try to change the world on your terms, because it is not going to change on your terms, change YOUR LIFE instead. It begins with YOU. Revolutions mean violence (Chairman Mao). I'm for peace.
  18. There was a half-price deal going one night of the week a while ago.
  19. I'm wondering what a competitive quote would be for damp proofing a house I just bought in Walkley by auction as a project. It passed the survey but surveyor recommended damp proofing as some paint peeling on ground floor due to rising damp in the walls. Can damp proofing cure this? Thanks.
  20. £3 in Hillsborough. It's like going back 25 years in time from more developed parts of the country! Consumers are so tight here it's unbelievable. The quality of life for so many people is like living in a trench! A bloke in the library the other day was saying the librarian, "I cannot believe you don't have wi-fi. I'm from Cambridge and all the libraries have wi-fi. It's no wonder this place is such a f***ing dump" haha. There's no doubt about it, Sheffield is going to have to step-up at some point.
  21. Hi I can recommend wholeheartedly Mr Paul Angier at Irwin Mitchell 0870 1500 100 (main switchboard for Sheffield). If he is unable to help you on this particular matter he will know someone in the firm who can. He is probably their most senior associate, but he is very approachable and will give you the time of day. His advice is second to none on many aspects of the Law.
  22. Hi, This is just for other Hillsborough Leisure users as a fellow user asking you to be extra-vigilant. My phone got stolen from the cafe by poolside after I left it there by accident and not handed in after several weeks. Small cost to replace because screen broken but many personal photos and files stored on the phone which are irreplacable (like children opening Christmas presents and many others). Some selfish thief has taken it and not handed the phone in. I believe that there are opportunistic thieves who hang out in the centre or the cafe and wait for people to leave belongings around to be swiped because the staff said that phones get taken all the time. Please be careful and vigilant I wouldn't want others to go through the heartache and privacy invasion of losing precious things which can't be replaced, even if it was foolish of me to leave the phone out on the table by accident while I swam. If by any chance you took the phone and haven't been able to sell it because of locking and screen damage please just return it so we can get our children's photos back and clear your karma.
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