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  1. the railway pub .yes i remember sitting out there in november with my penny for the guy .great days got free drinks and made a bob or two..remember they used to run nigel gressley stem train through in 70s
  2. ah japanese knotweed came over on the locomotives coming through sheffield via seeds etc . Falling onto the edges of the trainlines and growing wild along the line and up against the walls. I was nr the old bridge brightside station ,nr the pub which i cant remember name of. I remember the sun inn pub further up
  3. sadly cannot remember headmaster ,but name rings a bell . i lived on tipton street..
  4. looking for nigel goodson and paul goodson . friends from the 1970s..i lived on tipton street . they lived across from the park
  5. Huntsman gardens. Fantastic. Went there between 1969 /74 ish short trousers in winter potted meat packed lunch smiths crisps.. ..british bulldog in the porch part .. Climbing up the drainpipe onto the roof. .i remember the history teacher hating us.. There was a beautiful teacher there called mrs mathers i think . I remember sitting on the wall of the lcla church gazing at her in her summer dress coming out of the church .many holes in the yard for games of marbles . Does anyone play marbles like this anymore..I LIVED ON CHIPPINGHAM STREET
  6. Did anyone go to limpsfield middle school circa 1974/76 .not sure of year. , but it was the year we won the competition., where the school ,our class won a day with david bellamy . The day was filmed for one of his shows and was shown a few times on bbc 1 in the late 70s early 80s.. The show was about the unusual and wonderful nature of our area . I was in the film at the train station talking about japananese knotweed and its origins of getting there.. We also won a fishtank .. Love to find this film footage ,or anyone involved in this great day.did the show survive .i live in torquay now .have not been to sheffield for some time. Is limpsfield still there.
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