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  1. A friend was telling me that the Currys in town is closing. Does anyone know if its closing? and will they be opening up elsewhere?
  2. For some time I have been looking for a place where I can go to get my hair fixed. Ideally, they'll be able to check out my hair and go through styles that they think will suit me (ie. not hand over a magazine whilst I wait for my turn). I am in my early twenties, and happy to pay up. To all those guys out there with good hairstyles, where do you recommend? Thanks in advance!
  3. One of the units (Unit 2) is planned to be occupied by Dunelm. ---------- Post added 21-01-2016 at 15:58 ---------- Where did you hear this? I would have not thought so, as they have a clearance store further down the road (Heeley Retail Park) and a home store at Meadowhall.
  4. I was waiting at the Bus Stop for around 40 minutes, but the First bus never turned up. When a different service arrived which doesn't take me home, I asked the driver why the bus has not came. He said that some services are not running because they don't have 'enough drivers'!!! First Bus clearly know about this, as they are choosing which services to cancel. However, they are not telling people and letting people wait forever at the Bus Stops. I know that this is not a one-off case, as a cancellation around the same time happened yesterday, which kept my sister waiting at the Stop (at both times it was the First Bus 24 that never showed up). I don't understand how they can get away with this??!
  5. Hi guys, I'm looking for somewhere nice in the Peak District for a small family BBQ? Never done it before, any suggestions? Many thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks for all the info guys, I will ask them when we visit later on this week. Thanks for all the reviews and stuff, its always good to hear from past experiences.
  7. Thanks guys for all your helpful comments. We are slightly short on cash and were wondering of taking advantage of the PA/Sound system in place of a DJ. Has anyone experienced it? Was it any good? Also, We plan to have an Asian Wedding and we are expecting to have a short 15 mins of drumming and fresh pettle throwing whilst the groom makes his way up the drive and walks into the hall. Any ideas if they would be okay with this kind of thing? Many Thanks
  8. Hi, Has anyone had or been to a wedding at Tankersley Manor in Barnsley, we are considering of booking the new wedding suite with the barn. Any Advice? Many Thanks
  9. Thanks for the response. It's super helpful. Hilton do not make it clear on their website but it seems like they charge for parking. Were you charged for parking on the wedding day? Just feel it may put a down start amongst our guests to the start of the day. Would you know if they allow any noise in the entrance. Being an Asian wedding, we sometimes have some drumming as the groom arrives to the venue. From your experience there, at the wedding and disco's, did you happen to come across any? Many Thanks
  10. Hi, My sister is considering of getting married at the Hilton Victoria Quays in town. She plans to go and see it next week. Any recommendations? Many Thanks
  11. Hi, Need a very cheap venue for a pre-wedding party that allows your own catering. Not too fussed about location or style (don't mind a community centre), just need a good price.It does not have to be big, only need it to accommodate 100 guests max (would not mind it to be between two different rooms). Unlike the typical Hen or Stag, it will be civilised as its a family gathering. If anyone knows a good place, please let me know. I would be very grateful.
  12. Good Morning guys, Does anyone here know a cheap place somewhere in Sheffield or nearby which offers cheap colour photocopying? (Would be looking for around 50/ 100 or 150 prints onto standard 80gsm paper). Many Thanks
  13. £10 is super cheap How long ago was this?
  14. Hi Guys, Does anyone know a good place in Sheffield to get a Sony Xperia SP phone unlocked which is currently on Orange/T-Mob/EE??? Would be very grateful.
  15. Hi local Sheffielder, Would you know what time The Easy Barber at Broomhill opens on Wednesday??? And where abouts in Broomhill is it? Would be very greatful. Thanks
  16. I would assume the butchers are Muslims and have a day off as it is Eid hence it was closed. I guess they would be back open tomorrow. Eid is a very significant festival which is celebrated by the believers of the fastest growing religion in the UK and across the world. It also has a significant effect on our local economy. It means that on a random day of the week which changes every year, millions of people across Britain want a day off. This Eid it has also meant that Meadowhall has seen an increase of sales of 5.5% during the weeks leading to Eid and 3% on the day itself. Without surprise our Cinemas would be very busy this evening and for a few days to come. This Saturday (tomorrow) there is also an event in Millhouses park to celebrate Eid. You never know. One day there might even be 'after-Eid' sales like boxing day sales, as the market is hugh and expanding. However, for those who don't celebrate it there would always be the downturn of having to do a longer shift or waiting a day for the butchers. To be fair its not much different to a Christmas day off. I personally do not celebrate Christmas. However, I love the day off and the lights in town. And I certainly don't mind staying in all day as every place is shut. Change is coming and I think it would be embrace nicely once people start understanding it more.
  17. Hi, Does anyone know the price for a single Bus ticket from City Centre to Meadowhead?
  18. Thanks guys for all your responses. I plan to get either a 22" or 24" for my room. Currys currently have a sale on them and they seem to be good value for money.
  19. Hello, I am considering of purchasing a Logik TV for my bedroom. I have never purchased the TV Brand before. Any reviews or experiences would be great. Thanks
  20. Great to hear that i'll be open on Sunday. Everything these days are going up, but there are still plenty of bargains out there. A few days ago I purchased 2x 6 pack boxes of Mr. Kipling Black Forest Whirls for only £1. Well in date and part of the Christmas addition. Excellent value for money!
  21. Best Bus Service - 43, - Nearly always has a double-decker service with Free Wifi - Ideal route covering some major parts of the city (Woodseats, London Rd, The Moor, Shef Interchange and Arundel Gate) - Stops close to the Supertram at the end and start of the route. (ends on Flat street next to Fitzland Sq stop, starts at Arundel Gate near Castle Sq stop). - Nearly always runs on time - Generally kept in a good condition inside and the fleet is only a couple of years old. This is also my worst service if caught after 7pm, - It comes very rarely, about every 30-50 mins. - Due to the amount of people travelling to Chesterfield, the bus gets very cramped and at times could be hard to find a space to stand. - I have seen it drive pass stops without stopping as its too full.
  22. Great news in The Star today about a multi-million pound 'revamp' for The Moor, they have decided to develop the block below Debenhams as well as the one opposite it. However, despite this there is no news of what retailers may be set to come. The Star: http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/business/revamp-for-sheffield-s-moor-1-5151124
  23. I have recently completed my a-level studies at High Storrs School and have spend 3 years there. I enjoyed my time at HS, it is a friendly, welcoming and high achieving school. The standard and level of teaching quality is very high, most teachers are very professional and skilled. Unlike a few schools out there, the quality and focus on high alevel results is high. I completed 5 A-level's, and from my experience, all of my teachers were supportive to help me achieve the highest possible grade. They were there when help was needed and most help extra sessions to help boost us up. However, do keep in mind, that some teachers may judge your achievement within the first few weeks and you'll have to work hard to impress/suggest that you are a high achieving student. I found the school management and staff to also be very helpful and supportive. They supported me throughout my UCAS application and worked hard to ensure all my concerns/issues etc were always dealt with. With the refurbishment and re-build the school has gained some much needed facilities. It now has a large LRC (Library) although can get busy during breaks, there is also a student study area with computers, and a small common room along with afew other social rooms. Throughout the school, each faculty also has an independent sixth-form study area which is to be used by sixth-formers studying within that department. These are also great spaces to do group work or study. The computer and printing facilities are average. There are usually just about enough computers to go around. There is usually plenty of study space and other facilities include cheap hot drinks machine and a pray room. There is also a spar, a free cash machine, a bakery and an indian takeaway within a 5 minutes walking distance. The school also benefits from good public transport with the '88' bus going to town several times an hour. I would certainly recommend the school, please do PM me with any questions as I would pleasured to give you more specific info / advice to help you make your mind.
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