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  1. Why does things like this even bother people? Is it in your way? Probably not let it gey dealt with
  2. Little tip! If you don't want to spend money on wear and tear items on a vehicle don't drive one! Coil springs become corroded and break it's a fact of motoring!
  3. No it doesnt mean the clutch fluid is low it could be either slave or master cylinder more likely to be a worn clutch plate
  4. Yea there will be a fuse but that will bring the light on
  5. Dot mot do repairs they repaired one of my.customers cars charged him about 3 to 4 hundred pound too much and made.one he'll of a mess.. he is a.bus driver so was really handy .. until I pointed out the mess!
  6. You don't need to take the steering wheel off to fix this problem the garage should have made sure that the wheel is straight before locking at tracking it up... If they haven't don't this correctly then it won't be straight other option is the tracking is not correct.. Easy job for someone who knows what they are doing... Taking the steering wheel off wi cause you more problems
  7. Hi yes we can take a look at this for you welcome to give us a call thanks
  8. Hi give us a call we can come and get in for you thanks
  9. Hi yes sorry for late reply it would need re gas afterwards thanks
  10. Hi if you get part we would charge around 45 labour thanks
  11. Hi Yorkshire mka bell house road Thursday half 6 til half 7 5 pound per session
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