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  1. I appreciate that, and I'm sorry we haven't reached you sooner. Our team are on the phone all day every day trying to arrange something for every customer. A large percentage of our customers are based on Digital Region - and each customer generally needs to be called multiple times to get the arrangements in place so it's taking a while to get to everyone. If you'd like to PM your details, I can ask that a member of staff calls you today to bring you up to speed on everything. I'm not sure any other ISP has ever had to deal with a situation like this - affecting such a large percentage of their customers before, but we're doing our best. Thank you for your patience while we get this done
  2. Hi, We're currently calling each customer individually to deal with the DRL closure as quickly as possible. Any customer who has not yet had their call will be receiving it very soon. Pete
  3. I'd really recommend an apprenticeship. This will allow you to receive vocational training and pretty much puts you at the head of the queue after 12 months for any jobs that come up with the company (jobs that you probably wouldn't have otherwise had the required skills/experience to even get an interview for). It doesn't matter if you have no work experience as long as you show the right attitude and want to learn. Just make sure you choose a company that will spend time and money to train you - not just have you making the boss's coffee! 01709 331163 is the number for Optimas. From our experience, they really care about their candidates and I'm sure they will get you a good opportunity. If there's a particular industry you'd like to learn about, I'm sure they have a client to match. A usual part time job for a 16 year old will get very little to put on your CV; an apprenticeship could give you a lot more
  4. No peak times or fair use is important to us - so we will not throttle any connection or restrict any site unless we are legally required to do so, or there is a factor outside of our direct control/network
  5. What happened with DRL has no bearing on Origin's ability to provide services in the future - but if you did just want unlimited ADSL with us, the cost would be £9.99 per month ---------- Post added 07-05-2014 at 09:23 ---------- The new network will be live in Sheffield soon. We will be letting customers know dates individually. ---------- Post added 07-05-2014 at 09:24 ---------- We are building our own network and delivering at the end point via Openreach as a BT partner.
  6. Hi all, As promised, I am including an update about Origin Broadband's plans moving forward following the closure of the Digital Region network. Firstly, I would like to reiterate that we as a company have not suffered as a result of the closure of DRL. In fact, things have never been better. We're recruiting more and more employees every few weeks and securing great deals with local businesses that benefit both us and our new customers. We are still giving great pure fibre speeds to new business customers that previously had to depend on regular old broadband. These businesses couldn't be happier! But that's not what concerns most residential customers... what they care about is the quality of Origin's service, the quality of their individual connection and the price they pay for that connection. So it's a bittersweet announcement from us on that point. Firstly, there will inevitably be some customers currently enjoying Origin's fibre service that will be forced to move to a slower alternative such as ADSL. While these customers are in the minority, it is still a significant number and we will be doing everything we can to make this transition as pain free as we can. This is a factor way beyond our control as a company and all I can say to those customers is that we did EVERYTHING we could do ensure continuity of their FTTC service. We will be using any clout we have as a BT partner moving forward to push for better services in affected areas. Onto our new offer... I can now confirm that Origin will be offering line rental at £15.99 and an Anytime call plan for £6.49. On their own, these are not particularly special offers, but when you take both together, you will be eligibile for FREE UNLIMITED ADSL from Origin. This offer will begin in Barnsley very soon, and is planned to roll out across 36 South Yorkshire exchanges by the August 14th deadline. We intend to move beyond South Yorkshire as soon as we can once the dust has settled on this rollout. So line rental, calls and unlimited broadband from Origin will cost just £22.48 in selected areas! a free 'full provide' order will be available where needed, saving customers £110.00 on the installation of a new line. This may be an standard deal for one of the the big 6 companies, but we believe our offer of a good local service really makes us stand out with new customers across the area. We have massive respect for Plusnet, for example, and we really want to follow the path that they took (prior to becoming part of the BT Group). Origin was created by Oliver and Henry to focus on unlimited fibre broadband. This is a product very close to our hearts, and for this reason, we will continue to offer unlimited 40/02, 40/10, and 80/20 products to as many customers as possible. Pricing on these will range from £19.99 to £29.99 accordingly. As we've announced previously, a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your individual migration plan. If you have any questions, please give us a call or e-mail info@origin-broadband.co.uk Finally, here is the advert trialling in Barnsley this week. FREE YORKSHIRE TERRIER BROADBAND https://portal.origin-broadband.co.uk/barnsley_promotion_may.png We know this news isn't perfect, but we're a growing company doing everything we can to give the best service we can. We're working hard to get to a place where we as a company can effect 100% of the change we want for our customers. On this occasion, we probably didn't make everyone happy, but we hope to do just that in years to come. Thanks, Pete
  7. If you call us, a member of staff will take a look for you
  8. Hi Bonjon, We will look at your specific circumstances and offer you the best connection we can in light of this. I'm currently investigating various residential options for our customers and if we can do something on that front, we'll let you know when we contact you about your migration.
  9. I'm pleased to let our customers know that Origin are now able to regrade/upgrade any customer's connection and/or migrate customers from other Digital Region suppliers seamlessly to our service if required. The benefit here is that certain customers have tried to upgrade from our 24/10 OR 40/10 to a Max or other package since August and were unable to do so. If you would rather have your existing DRL connection with Origin than the supplier you're currently with, we can bring you across and later migrate you to our new network as part of our plan for our own existing customers. Please call our team between 8.30 - 8.30 on 0800 206 2333 if you would like more information on migrating your connection from another DRL supplier to Origin - or regrading your existing Origin Broadband connection to a faster speed. There will be more updates from us very soon in relation to our plans following Digital Region's announcement that they intend to close their network.
  10. We don't tolerate ANY member of staff being rude to a customer. I invited you on the 5th (in this same thread) to contact me and let me know what your specific complaint was and I didn't receive any communication from you. Also, we have never charged you for a BT engineer visit - and BT Openreach would not look at an Origin line unless we ordered them to; they certainly wouldn't bill our customer directly. Please let me know the name of the BT engineer you paid and I'll get to the bottom of this for you as something really seems off there.
  11. I looked into this, and it seems our tech and support teams tried to call you several times and you've repeatedly refused to speak to anybody on the phone. We're extremely dedicated to helping our customers but it must be a two way street. If you wish to discuss this further, you can feel free to call the office about the occasional disconnections you've experienced (line quality is a main factor in this) - but we have tried very, very hard to help you. I'm sorry if that isn't enough. Also, I just called tech support from an anonymous external number and managed to reach an advisor in less than 45 seconds. We really are trying to give the best service possible and I'm sure if you work with us a little more you'll see that.
  12. For those who've been asking what the future plans are for Origin Broadband, we'll be making an announcement by 8pm tomorrow!
  13. Hello! :-) I'm hoping to be able to make an announcement soon. Please bear with us a little longer and I'll get back to you on this. Pete
  14. As do we! Irrespective of what happens to Digital Region, we will still be here to offer service
  15. Thank you Carol! Much appreciated!
  16. Hi, Good customer service is the most important thing to us. I'm sorry if you feel someone has let you down or failed to try and resolve an issue properly. If you could e-mail support@origin-broadband.co.uk and mention my name, I'll request a team leader looks into this for you. ---------- Post added 05-02-2014 at 08:54 ---------- Again Mozalan, I'm sorry if you're unhappy with the tech team's response. Please e-mail and I'll look into this personally for you. ---------- Post added 05-02-2014 at 09:06 ---------- Also, just read this. What a gent you were Paul. God bless
  17. I think that most people are unaware that ISPs have to pay for 'transit' ie. the data that their customers use, and as far as I'm aware most transit these days is taken by downloading or streaming video - and most porn that teenagers would look at would be video - so this action being taken by default for every user will save large ISPs millions. ...as would stopping users from casually downloading 10-20Gb high def video files on bit torrent that they probably wouldn't bother with if they actually had to pay for them. Bearing this in mind, I'd expect other large ISPs to follow suit very quickly indeed. I think the reason we wouldn't implement this unless we had to would be: It won't work. Kids will share knowledge on how to bypass it. I imagine it'd be difficult to differentiate between porn and legitimate sites discussing sex in a responsible way It could make customers complacent about how safe their kids are online It is not for us to police/monitor/supervise/interfere with customers' connections We're not that desperate to save money at our customers' expense I'd be interested to hear any other ISP reps' opinion on this. AAISP have made it clear that they're against measures such as this. For as long as it is legally compliant not to do so, Origin will never block or restrict any aspect of a customer's service in this manner.
  18. I'd be interested to see what the verdict is on this. It's not something I'd be able to install right now, but I'd be open to it in future if it doesn't restrict what games I can play in any way.
  19. Hi, Not all 01/02/03 numbers are on conventional landlines - which may be why you were asked this. I would assume it wasn't showing as a conventional 'WLR' landline on my colleague's checks. We are unable to place orders on the private fibre at the moment, but we are able to place orders for conventional 'BT' based fibre services. We're hoping to be able to place orders on the private network again soon. Could you please call tech support again today and mention that Pete asked you to call and I'll personally make sure we resolve this issue for you. Failure to call customers back is not acceptable to us and I will look into the reasons why this has happened in your case. Pete
  20. Hi, This seems like an odd one. Could you please call us and advise the tech team to notify me when you call, and I'll double check every step to make sure we've exhausted all options to fix the issue. Pete
  21. does hidemyass let you browse? http://hidemyass.com/
  22. The link's not found now, but I would honestly search for/go with this. I'm pretty sure it's a £100 tablet on special offer.
  23. I believe with the old 8 pin connector it would be another factor that would trigger a warning such as the precise voltage coming in (this is a pure guess) whereas the newer models have a chip that the firmware is actively looking for before it charges.
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