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  1. can't see it listed on Crosthwaite commercial site at present I’ve heard today from a reliable source that it has been let and is going to re-open as a pub. Excellent news, if true - however, there’s many a slip ‘twixt cup and lip.
  2. I wasn’t born until 1948 and remember seeing the bombed out, boarded up buildings towards the top of Snig Hill and going right round the corner there when we travelled up Snig Hill on the bus or tram from Malin Bridge; I would say that was sometime up to 1953, when I started school. One of the bombed out businesses towards the top of Snig Hill was Symington & Croft.
  3. I stick by what I said in my previous post. Whilst Tapton School is its own Admission Authority and sets its own admission policy and arrangements, in common with most (if not all) of the secondary schools in Sheffield, it participates in the local authority's Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme for Year 7 admissions. Thereby the Admissions Department of Sheffield City Council receives and processes all applications from across the city for admission to Year 7 in participating schools. Applicants who are not successful in obtaining a place at their preferred school will be placed on a waiting list, if they wish, irrespective of whether or not they live in the school’s catchment area. Any places which become available are allocated in line with the over-subscription criteria. “The appeals procedure for this year will have ended before the child moves into the catchment” - Appeal hearings are held throughout the school year and appeals can be made at any time. I believe that unsuccessful applicants are allowed one appeal per preferred school each school year. As I said in my previous post, there is lots of information on Sheffield City Council website and the Admissions Department are always happy to advise. The contact details for SCC Admissions Department are: mailto: ed-admissions@sheffield.gov.uk Phone: 0114 273 5766
  4. Sort of ..... they tried after a fashion; as well as “sharra”, people used to say “sharrabang” - at least, round the Holme Lane/Taplin Road area they did!
  5. Does anyone remember “Kayli”? In the 1950s, we used to call the sherbert in Barrett’s Sherbert Fountains, Dib/Dip Dabs, and also rainbow crystals “kayli”, do others remember using this word?
  6. What old sweets do you fondly remember from your childhoods? Does anyone remember “Kayli”? In the 1950s, we used to call the sherbert in Barrett’s Sherbert Fountains, Dib Dabs, and also rainbow crystals “kayli”, do others remember using this word?
  7. I agree “charabanc” isn’t dialect (it’s a French word) and is no longer in common use in English. However, the Sheffield corruption/abbreviation of “charabanc” ie “sharra”, surely is a dialect (a particular form of a language which is peculiar to a specific region or social group) word .......
  8. “maybe first world war and beyond. fleetwood” My grandmother was a patient from about 1906 until she died in the 1930s. During the 1stWW, she was moved to Storthes Hall in Huddersfield (now part of the university) and then to a place in Lincolnshire. After the war, she came back to Middlewood Hospital.
  9. Happy 70th birthday, Philip - enjoy your day out in Lincoln.
  10. A-round the corner, ooo-ooh! Looking for Henry Lee ...................... She sat ‘neath the lilac and played her guitar ......... On Ilkley Moor ......
  11. I’ve just been asked to accompany my grandson on his nursery school trip - it’s not tut’seaside, but it reminded me of all those childhood trips on sharras. Does anyone still use the word “sharra” (aka sharrabang aka charabanc)? If not, let’s ressurect it - it’s a shame to let our local dialect disappear.
  12. That’s just not posssible for some people! Did you see Jen17’s post? Moving house is very expensive and if your current area isn’t very good and you’re struggling to manage, how do you afford a “better standard of living”!?
  13. My name was Susan Bell. No, I'm not on FaceBook.
  14. Hello Christine, you were in the same class as me and we sat next to each other in 1N. I remember you very well, because we were quite good friends for a while. I think you left after the 5th form? I still see Eileen and Susan W (Sos) almost weekly at the gym now we are retired. Also, I'm still very good friends with Susan B (Broady), but she has not lived in Sheffield for many years; we're meeting up in a couple of weeks. I think we bumped into each other once in the 1970s in the Nailmakers.
  15. Bodsworth? - think it was at Shalesmoor opposite the former men's hostel?
  16. Many years ago, when I took my driving test (1970s) I think that the Highway Code stated that the horn was only to be used to alert other motorists or pedestrians of your presence and not as a rebuke. I also think it was forbidden to sound your horn in built-up areas between certain hours maybe 11 pm and 7 am? Please can anyone confirm if I've remembered correctly. Does the current Highway Code say anything about the use of the horn?
  17. Waltzer at the fairs at Owlerton - Runaway and Runaround Sue. Also Dream by the Everley Brothers.
  18. "At The End Of A Rainbow" - Earl Grant 1958? - it's on YouTube
  19. Playing outside the City Hall right now! They need funds to replace instruments. Never heard them before - wonderful!
  20. My family used to go there a lot in the late 80s/early 90s when Mary and Dinty Moore were the licensees. Good beer and a pool table.
  21. Don't know if this is related, but about 19 20 yesterday evening, I turned right out of Napier Street on to Summerfield Street and was nearly hit by a car being chased at high speed by a huge unmarked black police 4x4. The vehicles headed up towards Washington Road/Cemetery Road traffic lights. As I got to the junction of Summerfield Street and Ecclesall Road 2 marked police cars flew up Ecclesall Road and I could hear still more sirens behind me.
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