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  1. Dog ID150936 StatusLost Registered18 Nov 2019 NameREGGIE Gender & BreedMale French Bulldog AgeYoung Adult ColourBrown Brindle Marks & ScarsNone TaggedNo MicrochippedYes TattooedUnknown Date Lost17 Nov 2019 Where LostBurncross chapeltown Sheffield S35 1SQ Lost In RegionNorth East Lost In Post AreaS35 Date Reunited Other InfoEscaped through open gate last night at around 18.30.all local vets dog wardens been rang and no sightings of him since Phone 107741400232 Phone 207715465819
  2. Will try that n thanks for ur time
  3. Same without ram , could it be graphics card?
  4. No beeps no power to USB ports, all fans spinning, built in graphics card, cleaned n swapped ram, monitor in sleep mode. Green screen when pc froze n no life after, thank you , disk drive works too but the use on front of tower don't work either.
  5. needing advice for pc it's not working properly the USB ports don't work n the monitor in constant sleep mode
  6. hi,,ive been on metformin about 6months and not sure if alcohol is allowed as doctor never said anything just wondered if anyone out there knows ?,, many thanks
  7. hi brian i mainly wrote on here because my grandma had lived there 50yrs altho the house she owned has been in my grandads family for over 100yrs,,,i lived there 1st 5yrs of my life n i was born 1973
  8. is this fesival at the farm or diff place in heeley ?
  9. im needing my eyes tested again im normally with D&A but was thinking of goin to specsavers but not sure wether to now.. does any1 recommend a good optician other than the 1s ive stated ?
  10. ive spent many happy times in fullwood as my grandma (who has just sadly passed away) owns her house there on brookhouse hill.. me n my cousin use to go forge dam with our little rods lol good times
  11. hi browny n welcome im new to this also even tho i joined last june,, today is the 1st time ive used it gud look with the traveling
  12. my fav film ever is greenmile just love it but im also a huge van dam fan
  13. hi im lookin for play groups to go to with my little boy....could any1 recommend any please ?
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