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  1. Are there any puppy owners who would like to meet up and maybe socialize their puppies in a park? It would be great for our puppies to build confidence amongst their peers as the large dogs might seem to intimidating or rough for our little ones. We live near Meersbrook park (Heeley) but are willing to travel for play-dates if anyone's interested.
  2. i can do really early, however, if only you two are coming it might seem to be a bit boring for your dogs, since my puppy can't really play with them..if you would meet regardless, then we will come as well
  3. Is anybody up for tomorrow morning then? And if so, where do you usually meet up?
  4. it would be good for him even if just to meet some dogs while on the leash. i could probably do Sunday too
  5. Monthly sighthound meet-up: http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?p=9268779&posted=1#post9268779 I have an italian greyhound puppy (12 weeks) who definitely would love someone to play with!
  6. I've got an italian greyhound puppy that's up for some sighthound socialization! anyone up for a meet-up? Im only slightly concerned about letting him off the leash..you know, with the prey drive and stuff..
  7. It would definitely be better for the dogs and spare us the stress of kennels and annoyed friends who don't really care for our dogs that much if we get more people involved we may even start a trend!
  8. We should stay in touch then and somewhere later this year arrange a doggie meet up
  9. So I'm getting an italian greyhound in September and as we all probably know, the question 'what do i do when i go on holiday?' is one of the most worrying things. I know there are kennels and professional dog sitters...but did anyone ever think of looking after each others dogs? I take in your dog for a week/two weeks now and next year/next month you return the favour? I was wandering whether there are other IG owners (or small dog owners in general) that would consider such an arrangement. Do you think its a good idea?
  10. Sometimes it takes two hours...i guess it all depends..
  11. Its true, they really know what theyre doing, i buy there too
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