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  1. They are striking for a good reason, being bullied is one of them. They are trying to keep the services open for the people of Sheffield. The money is being taken out of Sheffield for another company in Birmingham. If this wasn't happening then our Sheffield recycling centres could open 7 days a week and not on reduced hours. Please support them, they do want to work but not for the greedy people that are in charge and taking the service away from all Sheffield people. People can call them all they like, but they will fight on for the people of Sheffield.
  2. I have booked the Motown Nights for a charity event on Friday 19th September at the Wadsley Bridge WMC, Halifax Road, Sheffield in aid of Lillie's Wish to Walk. Lillie is 4 Years old and has Cerybral Palsy & would love to walk like other kids. Tickets are £7 or you can pay at the door. Please come along and support this little girl. Please message me if you would like any tickets. Thank You ---------- Post added 24-08-2014 at 20:52 ----------
  3. We are holding a charity event to help a 3 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy walk for the first time. The venue is at the Malin Bridge Club (Gas Club) on Saturday the 27th July from 1pm. There will be a BBQ, face painting, nail art, kids bingo, glitter tattoo, hook a bag, spin to win and other games also there will be cake, sweet and refreshment stalls and many prizes to be won. Please come along and help a little girl get her dream to walk. Thank You.
  4. We are holding a charity event on Saturday the 27th July at Malin Bridge Club to raise funds for a 3 year old girl with Cerebryl Palsy and wondered if anyone could provide a bouncy castle for free for about 3 hours or if anyone could recommend someone with reasonable rates. We would be very gratefull.
  5. Re-Take That tribute night, Friday 12th July. Starts 8pm @ Wadsley Bridge WMC, Halifax Rd, Sheffield. A night not to be missed with Britain's top band. Tickets £10. Please come and support a 3yr old little girl who would like to walk unaided. All money raised goes to Lillie's wish to Walk.
  6. Does anyone else have the feeling that the staff in footlocker can't be bothered. I went in yesterday and asked a member of staff if he could get me a trainer down from the top shelf, he just passed it to me, no conversation or asked if I needed any further assistance. Plain ignorant, face like a bull dogs arse chewing a wasp. None of the staff came and asked if we needed help. Went to JD, staff polite and helpful.
  7. when you have spent as many sleepless nights researching into this operation like Lillie's mum has then you can give any negative comments you like. There are different types of cerebral palsy and the ways that it affects children. This young women needs all the help she can get, so if anyone knows a way round the fund raising that we are doing then please feel free to let us know.
  8. Sorry, but working manual labour at a dump it site is exactly the sort of job that should only pay minimum wage. It requires no skills, experience or qualifications. What makes them any different to farm workers, ditch diggers, hospital porters, care assistants, Dave the street sweeper and anyone else in needed but totally menial roles? Can you drive a JCB you moron, ask a JCB driver how much money they are on per hour. a lot of these men have qualifications in other areas too but due to the lack of jobs they are prepared to clear your **** up for minimum wage and take all the flack as well. My partner has been a bin man and a road sweeper as well as an engineer. All fisical work. I bet you sit on your arse all day at a desk pushing papers. You was obviously cleaning toilets for £2 per hour, when you was a kid.
  9. You lot don't know what your talking about, unless you know the facts keep quiet. If you look at the site entrance you will see that it says "if you need help please ask". The workers don't get paid when off sick if they get injured carrying your rubbish. It is like every other company Health & Safety comes first. My partner who works on one of these dump it sites as lost four stone in weight since working there and that hasn't happened by him sitting on his arse. You try working your arse off for 6.08p per hour (minimum wage for a grown man). They only get £2.00 extra per hour if they reach a target of 90%, this as never been done and all 3 tier of Management know this, this is why it was offered. Don't blame the workers blame Jack Scott. I wish you negative people could work on the site for a day, you would soon change your mind.
  10. I would like to thank everyone who has donated to Lillie's wish to walk fund, family and friends did a sponsored walk round Dam Flask last Sunday and together we raised over £700.00. We have more fund raising events coming up. So once again Thank You.
  11. I am Lillies great auntie and we are trying to raise £50,000 for Lillie to have an operation in America to help her walk, Lillie was not breathing when she was born and was in intensive care for 10 days and on the special care unit for 6 weeks. in the first week of Lillies life her parents were told she had cerebral palsy and would never walk, eat or talk. Lillie is such a happy little 2 year old but it would make her day's more pleasant if she could walk or run with the other kids. We are doing various events to raise the money but if anyone could help, just a little as I know times are hard for everyone. If you would like to read more about Lillie, please click on the link below. http://www.hallamfm.co.uk/charity/lillies-wish/
  12. Leah-Lacie I don't know if you class an hernia operation as a minor op, but I just wondered why she would need someone with her if it was only minor.
  13. Where did you read about this? This is in the sheffield star tonight.
  14. The problem is our services being cut and job loses, I didn't say it was a minor op. I know it's not the nursing staffs fault but come on, going home 2 and a half hours after being cut open. You can't tell me thats right. I remember being in hospital for 7 days when I had my son and look at it now, 6 hrs if everything is ok.
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