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  1. Watch it cyclone, he will report you. especially if your right, and in this case you are right.
  2. Get out of bed now and again and watch the news you might see a few truths.
  3. The whole country is struggling because of these nutters and you sound like one them who put em there, give your self a big pat on the back.
  4. These arrogant lot have been told the cuts are too severe, but because it doesn't effect them they are not listening.
  5. What are these idiots doing, their Economical Policies are just not working, every thing is shutting down, firms, hospitals, council jobs, you name it, they are shutting it, for everybody sakes we have to get these tories out they don't live in the real world, it's like they are playing a real life game of Monopoly and they havn't got a clue how to play.
  6. There are three comedians called Cameron, Clegg and Osborne who really need to get knotted, not Knighted.
  7. The first part of my statement was right, she's out! I just can't wait for the second part to come true.
  8. Take it back imediatley and I'm sure they will sort things out for you.
  9. I'm off there tomorrow, their pirates can't be no worse than the conservatives.:hihi:
  10. just had a word and she is going to appeal attaching a letter of her dilemma and see how it pans out but thanks for the help and advice.
  11. yes sorry cross wires, she placed the ticket face up on the dash but when she returned to the car the ticket had had flipped over and then was face down so the infringment is not displaying the ticket correctly is this a fineable offence is what I was asking.
  12. cheers, but how do you mean she knew she had the ticket?
  13. Cheers for the info, one of my neighbours kids slammed the car door and she didn't think to look to see if ticket had been disturbed, she was too busy monitering the kids saftey at the time, surely the little hitlers won't nick her will they. PS, it is council pay and display.
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