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  1. from later today i wont be coming on sf anymore so a big thanks to christine and bonnie etc for making this a good thread to catch up on the old crowd from todwick grange bye all
  2. miss battle was the teacher from canada she was there when i was at todwick in 74:)
  3. which part of bulgaria will you be ? im also in bulgaria in september stopping in sunny beach:)
  4. whats the pub called next to the police station used to go in it when i was at rother valley college 29 years ago
  5. who likes american wrestling if yes why do you like it and if you hate it why dont you like it:)
  6. is it possible to take the name of the person off all the threads they started or replied to:)
  7. tommy gun i fought the law the call up london calling hitsville uk
  8. maybe customs searched the package that could explain the high charge
  9. i always thought you could spend 25 before customs wanted anything or is it lower than that now
  10. i just do my downloads after 9pm as they dont count what you download so it escapes the capping but you are right they are a bit tight in how much you can download in the day
  11. hes in death race 2 haha enjoyed it in a strange kind of way
  12. is that the one with sean bean in it ?
  13. wok master is a good one china wok is good the mongolian lamb is mmmmmmmmmmmm
  14. tired of cottage pie from supermarkets can anyone reccomend a good place for cottage pie in sheffield ta
  15. I'm more surprised she thinks he sounds like ronnie james dio:D
  16. did you hear jimmy nail singing in evita that took terrible to new levels
  17. the ones what come around here just knock at the door and give a leaflet then go away
  18. maybe thats why his solo albums are utter <REMOVED> then:D
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