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  1. Glad this has been brought up, I think the state of taxis in Sheffield City centre at night is appauling. Occasion after occasion me and friends have trouble getting one home (stocksbridge or sometimes even hillsbrough) not to mention the horrendous way a lot of taxis drive or just totally ignore the rules of the road
  2. Wow thats a lot of money to not get paid for my small bill of £90 for carpets cleaned. Bankrupcy/ legal action in this instance Im sure will be of no use as they can just ignore anything that comes their way. I just hope others avoid as this is so clearly a problem
  3. Im not sure if im in breach of forum rules by giving away the address but ive recieved several PMs about this from people who have experienced similar and so this is clearly a problem..any info you may have would be grately appreciated
  4. Well we are yet undecided as what to do as they became very aggresive and threatening..going to try and collect payment one more time
  5. Hi all, I'm not quite sure how this will be recieved but I feel like this is something I'd like to warn people about. A few months ago, a friend who works in the same trade as me who has had a long running and successful career I might add, was subject to being scammed when he finished work, and went to bill the customer only to be told to 'come back later' and after getting this same response several times had to give up. He warned me by giving a description of the family - Irish migrants recently moved from Dublin Fast forward to yesterday (09/10/14) and after completing a job less than 500 metres away from where the same thing had happened to my friend, It happened to me, as these people were also recently moved from Dublin I thought no way can the 2 sets of people both be scammers. But after giving them the benefit of the doubt and after completing the works, we were told to go to an address nearby to collect payment. Reluctantly, we did so, only to find another Irish family who said they were related but wouldnt be paying. So back to the original address less than 5 minutes later and no answer at the dooor, but I managed to catch the home owner steal a glance through a blind. Still no answer. What Im trying to convay here is NOT a message of distaste towards migrants but to those who may take up work in the Shiregreen area is to be vigilant and ask for the bill to be paid upfront. Any questions you may have regarding this Ill be happy to answer as I have left out small details in the interest of time Thank you
  6. well I sure could do with a running partner!
  7. Does anyone know where I might find somewhere that sells crown derby ornaments in or around Sheffield? new or used thanks
  8. Hi there, I live just down from Bolsterstone in Stocksbridge & walk my dog up through the village nearly every day, its a great little place & Id personally love to live there good luck!
  9. a nice mix of everything, basically a nice day out in and around sheffield!
  10. Ive got a friend coming up from Nottingham on saturday, and wanted to show her the best side of sheffield possible whilst keeping it fun and interesing.. eager to know what you well informed people have in mind that we can do :-) cheers!
  11. Hi all, just bought my first keyboard, was wandering if when I learn to play will it be transferrable to a full sized piano? and how long would It take for a complete beginner to play confidently? Thanks
  12. haha..ok ive booked my free trial and Ill take it from there - thanks guys.
  13. Just looking to hear of peoples experience of the Fit Space Gym on Penistone road Hillsborough as Im interested in going. Thanks.
  14. Hi all, as the title suggests, group of 4/5 lads looking for somewhere, were really quite liberal in taste aslong as its not empty,,any suggestions (apart from corp) welcome, cheers!
  15. Went and cleaned a ladies sette on that esate recently - she was one of about 10 people who have just moved in..they were still putting in the pavement! a really nice estate all round. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
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