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  1. We have had exactly the same fault with our mk4 golf and have purchased a vag cable thingy from eBay for £7:50 best thing we ever bought unfortunately this is a well known fault with vw golfs but before we found this out we'd spent loads on ours trying to solve it but still no such luck so vag it is till it goes
  2. Thanks everyone for your comments I can assure you they have all been noted. Even so I know my child more than any one and I can honestly say she didn't understand what she said would have had such an impact and it WAS said in all innocence in the first place we do have to remember that not all children grow up as fast as each other. I think I've said all I'm going to say on this now as we are just going round in circles. Thanks again x
  3. I can assure you that we have but unfortunately nothing seems to get done and the situation continues.
  4. Unfortunately when the school seems to allow the bullying of my child for the past year after numberous complaints what more can I do. She knows to an extent it was wrong to use the word but as it wasn't aimed at an individual doesn't understand why. Basically it's just a case of ppl reading far too much in to a childish comment.
  5. Yes she did i agree and yes I do understand it was used inappropriately I'm not that stupid
  6. Hey I'd have no problem with that you can't help who you fall in love with but the issue was she was punished without my knowledge until after which according to the school isn't the way they deal with things.
  7. Cheaky sod I wasnt the one with the issue about the word in the first place why should I have had to explain I have no problem with the word and she wouldn't have used it at home anyway
  8. Fair enough but still different circumstances and all that.
  9. No I'm not missing it I understand exactly. But what I'm saying is she'd never used it before and never really knew what the word ment let alone that it was an insult. Like I've said in a recent comment you can't punish a child for something they don't understand, explain to them and then tell them if they use it in that way again they will be punished. Unfortunately it is now up to me as the parent to explain to her.
  10. This is what we've told her but we have also had to explain what the word means in all it's meanings even though I find at 7 years old this was quite inappropriate although we did just say its when two men or two women love each other. And I feel that the school making an issue of this has provoked this explanation they have the issue they should have explained why it was inappropriate after all she was in there care at the time. Sorry but I have issues with the school and this is just another one to my list that I feel are wrong ways of doing things.
  11. Exactly you can't punish a child for something they don't understand. Explain and tell them they will be punished for using it
  12. Tbh how can she not use this word as it does have other meanings would the same thing have happened I wonder if she'd have used other words like "fag, faggot, puff, queer, queen" need I go on. I mean she only has to mention that i have a gay friend and that means she's using the word which she been told to be a bad word.
  13. You yourself have said exactly what my point was she didn't understand, punishment I believe was not the way explanation would have been better. Don't be so silly my point about my friends was that they were gob smaked they don't speak for the countries gays but if they don't have an issue with it why should anyone else.
  14. Omg Suffragette1 that's just a prime example of how quick kids grow up these days. I'm not oblivious to what goes off but in the it's all part of learning and they shouldn't be punished for that.
  15. At the end of the day I have gay friends who themselves can't believe she was punished in this way for using the word in the first place. The school have made it a homophobic issue now not us. I mean it's a word used all over the place daily. Kids playground banter is at this age just kids learning new words and thinking its funny to use them was you not once a child. Your all entitled to your options but please don't pull my daughter to bits for learning about the world.
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