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  1. Bill beavers 65 deep Lane s5 0DU t/n 07740410717. Fair and will not create faults. Other place used to be the old jet garage Hatfield house lane near to the traffic lights but long time since I have been up there so don’t know if they still do mots.
  2. The grit needs to be put down and then distributed and ground into the road surface by the passage of vehicles over it.
  3. Appreciate that but have been in all day and not seen one, as I said last week when no snow but a couple of zero degrees periods and they were past every hour or so and considering I went on main road to Broomhill and back would have expected to see at least one.
  4. I live on a main road and bus route. Last week and the week before when we had a couple of periods of sub zero temperatures we had 2 or 3 gritters past every evening. Since the snow arrived yesterday not a one, got up at 5.30am and obviously no gritters overnight. Just travelled from high green to Broomhill and back picking son up from work, roads atrocious and not a gritter seen there and back. Where the hell are they??????
  5. You used to be able to do API months in advance but for some reason it has now changed to 24 hours before. It's no big deal if you forget you can do it at the airport. However if you are booking in online and printing your boarding passes then check to see if you can do it then and it's then one less thing to stress about. As said going on Saturday so when you go have a great time:)
  6. Fly on Saturday with virgin. Only thing I have to do is API which we cannot do til check in opens 24 hours previous to flight. You may have to do that with your flight too?
  7. Did it give the tories a bloody nose, in reality was there ever a chance of them taking your seat. If not you just voted for the status quo. This election as in all elections us dependent on the swing seats, any others just perpetuate the status quo.
  8. Well one would assume that if we exit in name only then some party will campaign on changing the deal, time is running out. Hope there is a leadership contest, then another GE in oct/Nov. By the time the dust settles in to the new year and 10 months to negotiate, crash out with hard Brexit and job done.
  9. Smiths majority cut to 1322 that will do for me until the next GE, now people know how near she is to being dumped you never can tell. Swing to labour +3.8, swing to tories +15.5 and she was not even a local Tory?? ---------- Post added 09-06-2017 at 14:29 ---------- If we end up with exactly the same in the eu, out in name only then what will have been the point?
  10. My take is the negotiations will be protracted until we run out of time, there will be no extension and we will get hard Brexit by default. Hope so.
  11. She can be made head of the Tory party and she could be parachuted into a safe Tory seat at a GE or if a by election comes up.
  12. Maybe by working harder for your vote they may actually come and knock on your day rather than media adverts all the time.At least in the old days you could debate the policies when they could be bothered to speak face to face.
  13. Kate or it may disenfranchise, if there is another GE this year I am not sure the youth vote would turn out again.
  14. I would go for PR but we supposedly had a vote on this but if I am honest I cannot remember it. I agree we are in a period of flux and change, let's see what comes. ---------- Post added 09-06-2017 at 09:23 ---------- Look you may well be right but the form of the border is yet to be seen.
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