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  1. cheers for feedback and i will give this a try in a couple of weeks in the 1st week of July, any tips on how/what to fish, Was thinking prob Ground Bait feeder with hemp & casters thrown in and maybe some micro pellets for the bigger fish with maggot on the hook
  2. I'm also wanting to fish the trent as i grew up fishing such waters but not sure where to fish now, dont have any issues with regards parking or walking but safety of car and not getting jumped by Gypsys would be good if any 1 has any ideas? Sometimes fishing the same old carp lakes gets a bit boring
  3. About 7 years ago me and a mate did a 8 page pullout for Advanced pole fishing, Called suburban fishing, we did this in Rotherham town centre under Chantery Bridge just down from tescos. The place was full of Chub & Trout and roach. Full of fish. In a day we used to catch 100lb regular. Further up the river under the wear at tescos it gets fished for barbel and i seen up to 10lb barbel caught there and regular. Not seen how its fishing this year due to working in Sheffield these days but it used to be the nuts
  4. They do have caravans and challets to rent at lindolme starting from £22.50 for a 2 berth caravan. Hallcroft also do caravan rentals
  5. Cookes pet supplies in Rotherham, The place is big and he has a large fishing supplies section with tackle. Sells sacks of bait like Hemp, Pellets and Ground Bait
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