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  1. SYPTE's (interactive) transport map is here: http://maps.travelsouthyorkshire.com/ Is the static map in the PDf section available as a browsable map and not a document?
  2. Sweet summer child, you believe all that stuff don't you? ---------- Post added 19-12-2012 at 11:10 ---------- What most of us have said many, many times is that the goals were wrong, thus the results also were. The re-re-engineering of the junctions and the continuous traffic problems show that the last three projects have failed to deliver. You're right, we didn't and don't understand, many of us still disagree with them. Who's right? Whoever wants buses AND normal traffic to not be needlessly held up should be the right person. Fairness, equality and transparency should be pencil pushers' goal. The 'corridor' is quite narrow, two lanes wide in fact, two lanes less than what the road is just before and after Woodseats. I absolutely love the lights at the juction with Abbey Lane, I adore the one way streets preventing people from avoiding Chesterfield Road and I cannot live without the pedestrian crossings that don't change when I want to cross. I can't disagree with that, changing management mid-project is never a bad thing.
  3. The run way was too short. Companies, such as FlyBe who have an extensive national network, didn't exist then. I can easily see FlyBe or BMI Regional have money making routes out of Sheffield. I fly out of Manchester (because LOL at Doncaster) twice a week to Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the South West.
  4. No on-line form. Shame, wanted to whinge about the "28 day" nearly monthly passes. They have to stop this 28 day malarkey... The other tickets already exist in the form of the Travelmaster and South Yorkshire Day Tripper. Not much new in there but it was a very pretty website. To be fair, we've all experienced the services run down First have practice since 1998. Stagecoach are far from perfect but they're cheap, frequent and have nicer buses. The 87 is the best thing that's happened to South-West Sheffield public transport since Andrews/Yorkshire Terrier/Stagecoach pulled out of Totley fifteen years ago; placing First in a monopoly down Abbeydale Road.
  5. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/0/0f/Meersbrook_park_pan.jpg
  6. There are two new looking lights on the Post Office side but none on the Abbeydale Road side, aren't they going to take them down?
  7. The 60 limit is, the turning right isn't
  8. Because they're on a bus? Who likes going on a bus? It's not the twenties, buses aren't a novelty
  9. Any bread that arrives at a shop to be "heated" doesn't deserve being eaten.
  10. That would make it bang in between owl and all. There is twang in there, it's not a plain all. Never heard oll-ler bar, it's owl-er-bar
  11. I posted that because I have. (with ............) FYI the A39 roundabout is when the A30 dual carriageway ends, after that it's 2 or 3 lanes until Penzance
  12. Especially since air South West has stopped the service in November following the closure of Plymouth Airport, a scheduled stop on the flight to Dublin (Manchester-Plymouth-Newquay-Dublin). EDIT: I stand corrected, FlyBe took over the flight with no stops at Plymouth. Not too much of a problem until you reach the A39 Truro roundabout
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