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  1. the week i was in took tablet connected to wifi no prob good signal.was watching 2/ 3 films a day,showbox ect,none was blocked
  2. still doing it at jet garage but,likes to nit pick at the smallest thing..try hawleys on holme lane,opposite cash convertors,through arch,they do bike mots,wont find things that arnt there,been there no probs,
  3. ye good luck,did grandsons ipad battery,had to put new digitizer on as it cracked taking it off,enen though i used a hot air gun,
  4. the hdd is out of daughters desktop,the games grandaughter got for christmas wont play as they need 64 bit to run,,the os is 32 bit,cheched the prossesor is,its a 64 bit,on w8.1.i have a os disc which is the 64 bit one,but was told to format it first,then load fresh os,soz about this but not tech savy ,have tryed to load the 64 bit disk wont load because its going on a 32 bit os,found out that i need 12v power to the hdd,
  5. i want to format a harddrive,its a wd caviar blue,320gb,what conectionc do i need to do this out of the desktop,its a wd3200aakx, i have a sata conection for laptop hdd this fits but wont work,so what cables do i need ,
  6. i use winnX dvdripper platinum,convert dvd to, mp4 or avi,when its done i put it on usb stick and into tv,
  7. with all the anrp cameras round sheffield prob not even get out of sheffield,get cought and you will get the car impounded,takes about 3 days for insurance to go on data base.
  8. give mozalan a shout,byte it computers,great bloke,and a wiz with laptops.
  9. could even be capacitors that have gone or going,they are inside on the power board.
  10. Epic fireworks,mapel road,tankersley,s75 3dl.they have a half price sale on......
  11. lense cleaner,might have them in poundland.
  12. think he wants to get if off, not on,control panel,add/remove programes,uninstall google chrome.....
  13. mozalan you are a star,where you at,and when to fetch in,
  14. daughter has a toshiba c50-a-1ck , she has had vista loaded onto it after hard drive failed,the problem is it will not conect to net,saying pnp driver missing,have used a driver disc still not found it,could vista be the problem,been on toshiba web site,still no driver.
  15. had that myself,had to go into chrome settings and get rid of it that way,google remove adds from chrome,gives you step by step how to do it,
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