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  1. Anna - a very decent 7.5/10 Almost a remake of Red Sparrow but with a more understandable plot, couple of great fight scenes & a bit less nudity (but still some!)
  2. Brightburn - 0/10 What do you get if you cross a Superman origin story with The Omen. This terrible, just terrible excuse of a film. Trying to think of a worse film I've seen in the last couple of years, only Hereditary comes close.
  3. Got to agree with the OP for me. Lost & Dexter are the two worst finales that spring to mind.
  4. X-Men: Dark Phoenix Even as a fan of the genre it's tough to be positive about this one - 4/10
  5. Here's our second video. We hope you enjoy it.
  6. Happy Death Day 2U - 0/10 Haven't seen a film this bad since Hereditary. If you are thinking about watching this, whether this week at the cinema, or next week on DVD for 50p from CEX, don't. Just don't.
  7. Fighting With My Family - 7/10 Was better than I thought it would be. Nice story. Decent laughs with the British humour. Little bit too much of the Rock's ego.
  8. Angela Smith gets off to a great start with her new "party" with a cracking appearance on todays's Daily Politics. Definitely something a bit "funny" about it 😂
  9. Looking forward to The Phil being a playable character in GTA VI
  10. Hi, we're Sheffield / Chesterfield based band Void (I'm the drummer) & we're trying to get our first album out there & rack up some listens / views & maybe even followers / subscribers. Our album is called "Seven Day Existence" & we've made a video for our first "single", World's Way. If all goes well the second video should be ready by the end of the month. The full album is available on Spotify. We're a bit kind of rock indie prog so would probably help if you're not a big Westlife fan. Hope doing this doesn't break the forum rules, couldn't see anything to say I couldn't. Hope you enjoy our music Thanks, Al
  11. Fuggle Bunny Brew House at Halfway must fit the bill. Great little place. https://fugglebunnybrewhouse.co.uk/
  12. All three Lord of the Rings To paraphrase Randal in Clerks II - Even the trees walked in those movies
  13. Shaws Fish & Chips on Bridge St in Killamarsh have been my favourite for several years now.
  14. Saw "Glass" last night. Thought it was an excellent film & really enjoyed it. 8.5/10
  15. If you're anywhere near S20 I'd definitely recommend http://www.evolutiongym.co.uk/ £8 for a weeks membership. Small but perfectly formed good honest local gym. Very helpful owners, very well ran & made this particular big-boned feller very welcome last week. Will definitely be paying another £8 when I have another week where I can make it down a few times.
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