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  1. Surely this is all about MM wanting rid and any new owners not wanting a man in situ and needing a pay off. Any new owner is likely to want his own manager and backroom staff. People born under the correct star sign or having purple as a lucky colour.
  2. Not posted here for a while, but to let you know that I sold out of hard copies of my book 'death of the regular' - 300 copies. Just a thank you to all in this group who gave me some impetus and confidence to see it through. From writing my book I was asked to write a column for Alfreton town's footy programme and for a local freebie magazine. I've put these on a blog for anyone to look at, so if you want a laugh have a look. http://deathoftheregular.wordpress.com/ All the best and carry on writing
  3. He could be, DJ has protested his innocence and is looking forward to playing against Millwall in the 0-0 draw on Saturday.
  4. Afternoon, I write a column in Alfreton Town's footy programme that might tickle some of you. Have a look at http://deathoftheregular.wordpress.com/
  5. Not sure if its been mentioned but on BT sport live, Warnock has just been told that he's 15-8 fav for the Wed job. Not a flicker of emotion as he replied 'no comment'.
  6. After a visit to Pride Park on Saturday, I can state that the model version would have improved the the Owls
  7. There was a thread on here some while back about who he supported. I think this should clear it up once and for all. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/24338311
  8. Its the other way around Brown knew it but couldn't admit it. We need these people to do what our own workers will not entertain, back in the day it was bus drivers and hospital staff that we needed, they came because the chance of work was there. If the economic/hospitality sector of London was only allowed to employ anglo saxons the City would implode. People come here for work and a better life. Some of our lot would not dream of going South to work in a Hotel or Restaurant. But hey lets blame the Polish.
  9. No I don't. Immigrants need to eat and keep warm too, the myth that mass immigration leads to lower wages is laughable. Its the system that is wrong, our tax and benefits system is the most complicated in the world. Believe me in a recession most of the migrants will go back and when the 'green shoots' are showing another wave will return. Boom or bust we still have a ridiculous system and we will still have a rump of indigenous people who will not work, what ever is on offer. ---------- Post added 28-08-2013 at 13:54 ---------- Not really, I was 21 and at Stanley tools, my mates at the coal board or steelworks earned quite a bit more.
  10. If the youth of today is lazy, workshy and innumerate then previous generations need to take the hit. It must be our fault, people are not born workshy its our fault for not giving them the work ethic. The wages on offer to today's youngsters are a disgrace. In 1982 I took home £110 a week in the final year of my apprenticeship. Something has gone awry. We are now in a situation where people go out to work and are deemed not to earn enough to live on, they pay tax and NI but still need to claim this allowance or another. Someone needs to administer this, so we have jobs in the public sector that are there to hand out money to other public sector workers. It is madness. If employers paid a proper wage then we would have no need to subsidise their staff with government (ie taxes) money. Who benefits from all this? The private sector who pay low wages, get the taxpayer to subsidise them, make a profit and then turn around and tell us that because they are registered in a small town in Luxembourg that they don't have to pay any corporation tax. The system needs to be redesigned, not fixed. The Country is going bust and its got a lot more to do with capitalism in the private sector and soviet style collectivism in the public service than it has to do with immigration. Wake up.
  11. Just been on holiday and ended up reading sue johnson's (sheila grant) autobiography, in it she says she worked with Sean Bean on something or other and said that he was a massive wednesday fan. Mind you she also stated that the hillsborough disaster happened at a Liverpool, wednesday league game.
  12. I've often thought that the argument about the oldest football club, ie Sheffield FC is a little facile. Who did they play their fist match against? It had to be the 2 oldest teams to actually play a game.
  13. All, I've had an order from Derbyshire Libraries for 8 copies of my book death of the regular, whilst this will cut down on sales it's a very proud moment.
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