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  1. Unfortunately not. You'd think so wouldn't you, not sure why they don't provide it for such an established venue.
  2. Is that for certain? I'd hate for them to waste a trip as it's a fair old trek for them to come over. I appreciate you taking the time to reply!
  3. Hi people, I'm wanting to book tickets for tonight's showing, however the box office is closed and the automated message advises to purchase tickets on the door. I was wondering if any of you lovely Sheffield lot know what availability is like on the door, or alternatively if there is any other way of purchasing tickets? It's a last minute thing with a friend visiting Sheffield, and the club is a great night out. Any help would be massively appreciated! Cheers guys!
  4. Hi there, I'm looking for a mechanic to swap my engine in a Hyundai Coupe. I'm hoping to source a new one myself but if there are any mechanics that can do that too, that'd be great! Goes without saying that someone competitively priced would be better. Can anyone recommend someone? If anyone else has had this done, what sort of money did it set you back? Cheers guys!
  5. This is very interesting, especially given that I posted the following on SIV's facebook page just hours ago! Dear SIV, I run a small basketball training session at Myrtle Springs Leisure Centre. My team has been going for around 12 years and has used your venue for around 6 of those. We have stuck with you despite poor lighting, slippy floors and nets that wouldn't come down on more than a few occassions. At the beginning of this year I was informed the price would go up by 47%. Ok, we've had a good rate for many years, I can take the hit. After all, you've added a couple of new light bulbs in there and varnished a door, let's chip in for the massive leap forward in half a decade! Now, in mid April, the price will go up again, by a RIDICULOUS 91% on the original cost. NINETY-ONE PERCENT IN JUST FOUR MONTHS!!! Are we not supposed to be encouraging sport in this country?! What kind of legacy is this for the Olympics? We are literally being priced out of Myrtle Springs. The staff there have always been fantastic, but now some faceless organisation, who's name people actually don't like to say, is sending us packing. If SIV agreed to take just £17 less per week from a small group of people who want to do nothing more than keep fit, socialise, and play some recreational basketball, this team of over 12 years could continue. You've already had and extra £47%, what's £17 less in your massive bank account? Come SIV, show us that you're not just a bunch of suits, and that you do actually give a damn about the little people...
  6. Hi all, I'm desperate for tickets for Memorial Hall Last Laugh tickets for this Saturday, but I've left it a bit late for the box office. Does anyone know if there is anywhere else that holds stock or of anyone with a pair they want to sell? Any help greatly appreciated!! Many thanks Lee
  7. Haven't a clue where to start looking for this one! I had an exterior postbox which was stolen (who steals a postbox?!) Do any of you good people know where I could find someone who can fit a standard letterbox to a upvc door and what sort of cost I would be looking at?
  8. The help you guys volunteer is incredible, thank you so much for your efforts! I managed to find a supplier from Essex who sorted me out with next day delivery for a few quid but my sincere thanks to you all for you suggestions and help! True credit to Sheffield folk!
  9. Couldn't find how to add the image on the page, but stuck it on Photbucket, here's the link... http://s592.photobucket.com/albums/tt5/pepweiser/?action=view&current=DSC_0162.jpg Yes, it's an ordinary mains plug
  10. Unfortunately none of these guys have ever even heard of it, although I did manage to find the proper name, it's a C19 lead apparently. If anyone can help with that it'd be amazing, but I know it's a long shot! Thanks for the suggestions so far, much appreciated. Edit - I'll try to get a picture on...
  11. Hi everyone, I am needing a replacement power cable for a heat press I use. I do not know of another piece of equipment that uses one the same size. It is similar to those you would get going into a pc, the triangular ones with the three pins, however it is rectangular instead. Does anyone know where I might be able to find a replacement lead of this type? I'm stumped! Cheers guys
  12. There's no where to attached a tow rope on the front unfortunately
  13. Does anyone know of a decent mechanic that can pick up round the Dinnington area? It needs to be lifted though, not towed. My poor motor has no power and the RAC have told me they won't come till next Monday! I know there's snow but that's silly... I've been told I'm looking at a new clutch. I'm not overly clued up on prices, what would be a rough guess from the more educated readers for an MG TF? Cheers in advance for any help at all!
  14. I'm after a shoulder support at short notice. Does anyone know of any Sheffield retailers where I can locate one? Decathlon don't keep them in their Sheffield store unfortunately... Any heads up greatly appreciated!
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