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  1. I wonder if anyone on here can help. On a friend's behalf ( Surprise for them) I am trying to find the whereabouts/ contact details of their old friend, Barry Grayson. I only have an idea that he lived opposite the "Top Shops", a road down to the right as you go up Birley Spa Lane. If anyone can help, it would be amazing to reunite these two old mates from way back when.
  2. Was in Hackenthorpe Village at the lovely little church there yesterday, sadly, it was for the funeral service for a very dear Aunt. So many thoughts of childhood, playing in that same cemetary, but we never once stood on any of the graves. Later there wad a buffet at the Hogs Head, again many memories of the area. Going to knock on the little wooden door where you could buy sweets, cigs, pop etc, without having to go inside, not that we could in those days anyway!!
  3. Just noticed this thread, and wondered if the Peter Fenwick mentioned, is the one who used to live Hackenthorpe/Frechville, ?
  4. Great list of songs Zakes. I listen to "Magic radio", they play all those songs, and boy, do they take me back!! As i was reading your latest post, Twinkle was on, singing "Terry". I enjoyed your walk around the old haunts, it was like being there, knew every step you were taking.
  5. Hello Cotty, Pegasus, Griffin, phoenix, and Unicorn. Good God, don't know where i dragged those up from, but they were the House names at Carter Lodge, i also used to be in Pegasus, the best house to be in!! Anyone on here that was at same school from '64 to '67 ? Memarie Laine
  6. Zakes, it's a credit to you, to have come through all that, and be the person you are now. Your son must be proud of you. Be proud of yourself too. Oh, and keep writing, you stir many memories for us all on this thread. Best regards to you, Memari Laine.
  7. Does anyone on here remember Christine (nee Pearson) Shelton, Joan Greenwood, Sally Quinn, Sandra Coleman, we all left Carter Lodge in 1967.??
  8. You can buy Milo here in Tescos, used to use it a lot in Oz when my daughter was younger, and here before she left home.
  9. Zakes, at least when you were at Carter Lodge, you were in the best House - Pegasus!
  10. Zakes, now I know why I can't place you, your post mentioning your first fag, and how old you were, I am 2/3 years older, and back then, that was WAY older, lol !! Very glad to know you are still adding to your posts. Wouldn't be the same on here without them, keep them coming!!!!
  11. Zakes, just post an "Hello" let us know you are ok! thanks. Memari Laine
  12. What a thing to have had to live with, my heart goes out to you. I do hope this will not be the end of your musings, you have been bringing so much to so many people, and, in some ways it must be cathartic for you. I don't know what else to say, words cannot tell you how sorry i am.
  13. Zakes, I get from your latest post that, these musings of yours are being written through the tears of clown?? That must be a very hard thing to live with.
  14. Hi Zakes, The Cartwrights did live on Birley Spa Lane, There were three children, Cheryl, Angela and Paul. (My first love). The family were lovely. OOps, probably too much info there, lol!!!! ---------- Post added 02-04-2013 at 16:11 ---------- Tony is the youngest of four brothers and three sisters.
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