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  1. Just wanted to say thanks to Bikertec in regards to my nan and grandads house move this morning. Arrived on time,a hardworker and very efficient also very friendly! would recommend this guy to anyone very happy with the service cheers mate.
  2. Is it this advert by any chance ???http://www.tvadmusic.co.uk/2011/12/seksy-wrist-wear-by-sekonda/
  3. I must have seen at least 7-8 people fall flat on their backsides on my way to work this morning,wasn't very nice out there at all also passed 5-6 accidents involving cars.Take care people!
  4. cheers mjhal hahaha Alco might give it a try
  5. Could anyone give me an idea of how much it would cost to install an extra plug socket into a bedroom please.
  6. i'am having same problems but not really much you can do, its the servers obviously can't cope with the demand was the same when mw3 came out it'll get sorted out eventually. http://community.activision.com/message/413523524
  7. I've heard that aswell my nephews came yesterday for xbox but he won't go on it because he says he will get banned if he plays online ?
  8. Oi Oi Oi did you pre-order online or in store????? i ordered mine in store about 5 months ago and i've not got mine
  9. lol might just do that mel :D i have to stop myself looking at the episode trailers so i don't spoil it for myself
  10. I watched episode 2 last night too and it was excellent!!! i'm tempted to let all the rest of the episodes build up and have a marathon session one day but i know i'll not beable to contain myself like that
  11. Can i recommend http://www.thecraftyyarnshop.co.uk/en/ they also have an ebay shop too very good quality stuff and great prices.
  12. :D:D hmmm i might put those on my xmas wish list haha
  13. If your absolutely sure this is what you want to do give these a ring and see if you can get a consultation my friend had hers taken out due to constant problems and pain and had them replaced with dentures but as the above poster says can you not discuss whitening treatments and such before doing anything as drastic? Either way good luck !!! http://www.thompsonandthomas.net/index.asp
  14. so does the one on wordsworth avenue really gets on my nerves!
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