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  1. Which cemetery is that? Seems to me we need security raising to combat this issue. Makes you wonder what this world is getting like
  2. I remember that. Makes you wonder if they steal these things for carboot sales.
  3. I went to Mansfield road cemetery and everything was okay there. It just seems to be Tinsley park where the problem is. I will try to contact someone but it might be after Christmas due to the holidays. Thought it would be a good idea to let people know if they where visiting in case the same had happened to them.
  4. That's what i was thinking as there is so many missing
  5. Hi Everyone, I wonder if anyone knows what is happening at Tinsley park cemetery. Yesterday i made a 150 mile round trip to place flowers on my Mums grave and when i got there the metal vase had gone. When i glanced around there where many graves that had nowhere to place flowers due to missing pots. I was lucky and my hubby managed to find an empty jam jar in the bin so at least i had somewhere to leave my Christmas gift. This is the second time this has happened in as many months and it is heartbreaking. If anyone is planning a visit to this cemetery please take something with you that you can place your flowers in just case in your vase is missing too. I would not want anyone to be as upset as i was but luckily my hubby saved the day.
  6. Thank you so much to everyone on the Sheffield forum it is very much appreciated. My late Uncle lived a long way from me so I don't know who might have his war records. I belive it was possibly a friend of Uncles who passed on this information but don't know for sure and have no means of contacting them privately. It has been really interesting reading your reply's To my posting you have given me so much help, Thank you. What a wonderful memory of HMS Dido Greybeard and her sister ship at Portsmouth. Thank you to everyone you have all been a fantastic help so far.
  7. Thank you so very much for trying to help me. I always thought that my Uncle served on submarines In the war but don't know for sure. Then when I went to his funeral service it was mentioned that he served on HMS Dido and something to do with the gold run to the USA. My history of the war is sadly not all should be as I Was born in 1955 and guess I should have asked More questions when I was growing up. No one from the family left to ask so trying to find out myself. Very proud of my Uncle and all the men in the forces In the past and today who give up so much for us. Thank you guess I might also might be searching For a submarine just wish I knew how to locate a crew list that might give me years he served with this ship.
  8. Hi, Don't know if anyone can help but looking for my familys graves at Tinsley park and possibly Attercliffe. Names are Watkinson,Harker & Lingard. Thanks
  9. Hi, I am researching my family history and recently Found out that my late uncle served on this ship. Searched the Internet but can't find a ships crews list Anywhere. Small possibility but wondered if anyone had any memories of this ship. Thanks
  10. Hi everyone, I used to know of a wonderful Internet site where You could search old newspapers free online. Totally forgot the name of this site wonder if anyone Can jog my memory. Thanks
  11. Hi Everyone, Thank you all for trying to help and thank you for your advice. When I bought the pond it was second hand but a very quality pond complete with pump fountain and filter. When my pond went murky my friend recommended a UV light but when I looked inside the filter box there was no starter. Getting a UV light would be simple it's the starter that is difficult to source or a reasonably priced filter that has a UV light. I was lucky today and for a second I glimpsed my small Koi and two of the goldfish. Think I know how birdwatchers must feel when they make a sighting. I have planted a few plants oxygenates and three water lilies and some type of pond grass. The lilies are just roots at the moment but I believe they are fast growing plants. I waited a couple of weeks before adding any fish then about a week after adding the fish I noticed algae on the pond, my pond went murky and my beautiful fish disappeared. Now who mentioned frogs because they might cause me a problem because I keep seeing them in my garden but do not want them in my pond. Don't get me wrong I like frogs but I believe they could spread disease amongst my fish. Also apparently one of my neighbours could not go out through her backdoor last year because her yard had over sixty frogs sounds like that movie the birds. I wonder if strawberry netting might stop frogs getting into my pond? Anyone else had a problem with frogs out there and garden ponds. Ha here was I wanting to relax next to a garden pool gazing at beautiful Koi and I have murky water and frogs. I will get there and much faster thanks to the help and advice that has been offered on this list. Thanks everybody for all your help I have learned a lot thanks to your replies.
  12. Hi Everyone, I wonder if anyone has a garden pond and can offer me any advise about the water in my pond. I posted some time back about my house move to Hornsea from Sheffield and wanting a pond in my garden as a feature. Would eventually love to have goldfish and keep Koi Carp. I was very lucky to buy a second hand pond that is only four years old and is a quality pond. The pond measures eight foot by six foot and has a depth of two feet and came with a pump and filter box. WE installed the pond and planted a few plants then after a couple of weeks I bought six goldfish and a small but beautiful Koi carp. It was really a pleasure to watch them and I had to be reminded to come inside to dust. Third week the water has gone really murky and I can not see my fish. I asked a friend and she mentioned that she had a UV light in her filter, I looked in my Trident filter and there was no light and no starter there is a tick in the box lid for 16W but nothing else. When searching the internet I found a mention of Barley Straw for cleaning Koi ponds and I have put two of these in. I wonder if anyone can offer any advise or if anyone has the missing bits to my filter or a filter at a reasonable price. Really missing seeing my fish and I would hate to lose them because of my inexperience with keeping fish. Thanks Cher
  13. I remember the rag and bone men and I used to rush outside with my bundle and had a choice of a goldfish or clothes pegs, the goldfish always won. A friend of mine who is slightly older seems to remember exchanging her bundle for a baby chick. This never happened to me but wonder if others where as lucky. I don't know if anyone else remembers but I have a distant memory of mum saving old clothes to be weighed in exchange for money near the old market in Sheffield. Hope this helps Cher
  14. Hi everyone, I am researching my family history and I have just purchased a birth certificate from the 1950's. The occupation of the father is recorded as lorry drivers mate Ganister works. I wondered if anyone might know anything at all about Ganister works especially where it was located. Many thanks Cher
  15. Hi List, Thank you so much to everyone who replied to my posting, it was really appreciated. I have recently moved away from Sheffield to Hornsea and I have decided to spend time in the garden before doing anything with the house and I would really love a garden pond but I have no knowledge about keeping fish outdoors especially when the weather gets really cold. Thank you for the link to the web site Stevie/d and I think the better option would be a pond liner. When I have visited garden centres I am always attracted to the Koi carp but would think I would have to learn much more before I could even consider these fish. erino I really feel for you losing four koi since Christmas, how sad but thank you for letting me know or I might have been very tempted to have bought a few Koi before I knew more. I think my best option for this year is to start a pond and let the plants get established and think about fish next year. Thank you for your suggestion White rose with goldfish, mmmmmmm. Wonder if goldfish are difficult to keep outdoors are am I best starting as a complete beginner to just start a natural pond. I never realized that fish hibernate in the winter thank you Mr.fogg they sound a bit like me. Roger you mentioned that you had two ponds and I wonder if you started with goldfish first? Pook I am now wondering about best plants to buy that look pretty but also to help oxygenate the water. Thank you to everyone, that much wanted garden pond is now a step nearer Cher
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