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  1. I stopped smoking about 3 years ago, but get fed up of the sanctimonious non smoking fraternity who constantly whine and moan about others who smoke. Some of them even drive cars which produce 1000X more toxins than cigarettes. Sometimes I could just do with lighting a ciggie up again just to blow it in their face!
  2. Why do we need a batman preventing someone mugging old ladies when we can let them get maimed and mugged and caught by the police?
  3. Same applies to muggers. Do lot let anyone know that one is about and in that way they will badly maim an old lady and the police will catch them!:loopy: THAT IS WHAT YOUR SAYING!
  4. I am sorry that your understanding is so limited. My guess is that you do not drive.
  5. He was warning people of a driving hazard because people tend to put their foot on their breaks when they see the tax collectors irrespective of the speed they were doing. He stopped a potentially dangerous situation arising.
  6. The police should have been more honest and should have prosecuted him or aiding and abetting tax evasion!
  7. TOTALLY INCORRECT! There is no way that he could have known how fast the people were travelling! His actions however prevented crime being committed. They were all very probably travelling slower than the speed limit anyhow! He just assisted the police in crime prevention!
  8. The man prevented crimes taking place and was dragged to court for it! That is ludicrous! The police themselves always preach about crime prevention!
  9. If I tell someone about a speed trap, they will not speed while going through it. I would have prevented a crime from occurring and should be rewarded for doing it. If we follow your reasoning and we see a would be mugger, we would let him badly beat and rob an old lady so that the police could catch him. How sad are you?
  10. If everyone was intent upon preventing criminal activity before it happened, there would be no crime. I cannot understand how you find that so difficult to comprehend.
  11. I cannot do links, but his name was Michael Thomson. He was 64 years old at the time and had no previous criminal record. Would someone provide a link please.
  12. If you see a mobile speed trap while you are driving and tell someone else about it are you committing an offence? ...You think not?....Well actually a guy was prosecuted for " Obstructing the police officer in the execution of his duty" for doing just that! He stopped people from breaking the law and was dragged to court and heavily fined for doing so!.....How unbelievable is that? ....Do the police want people to speed or what?
  13. Another point is that if they poison all their customers thus killing them, they will not have any more customers! Also all the poisoned customers laid writhing in agony on the restaurant floor does tend to put potential customers off eating there.
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